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I wanted to start up this thread that will allow everyone to put their opinions in on a topic that a few people have complained about to me in the past. Namely, the use of the hacker suit/ the foam finger in Dead Space 2 NG+.

Right now, both these items are allowed, and a number of runs use them. The issue is, the items aren't legitimately available on the platforms the runs are on(Looking at you PC).

The Hacker suit is the main offender, as it is only available by having a save from Dead space: Ignition on the consoles hard drive. This is not possible to get on PC. As such, its my opinion that this item be banned for all future runs of Dead space 2 NG+, at least on PC.

The Foam finger is obtained by beating the game on hardcore. On PC, the item will not unlock due to a glitch. It is possible to obtain on PC were it not for this glitch, and i hear theirs a way to circumvent this glitch by doing the whole run without opening the menu or something. I'm not sure if this item should be banned or not, and i'm open to opinions.

No runs currently on the leader board will be affected by any rule changes from this thread. I will hold off on making any decisions on this until i hear the opinions of some of the other runners.


I agree with the hacker suit, but the foam finger "is" supposed to be obtainable, so because its a glitch that you cant get it, using a save to aquire it should still be allowed imo.

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It's weird cause I didn't use hacker suit and my DS2 ng+ still reject. "I know that everyone can use the hand cannon unless me,, that's why I had to run ds3ng+ without it even if there's the verifiers using it. mine's will reject hypocritically asap for sure.
my DS3ng+ still reject due lag recording in the drill section
DS3 ng run is rejected due awful knowledge of enemies resistende betwen easy and impossible mode.

you banned matt's nexus strat even when exist a consistent strat that worked for me in other ATI and Nvidia models, but you invedted that only works for one type of video card. only because you could perfom it. but like the amno stuff you are again evereything that don't work for you.
and my DS1 run just was rejected due "several" times that didn't get hurt when I was the whole run using tons of med packs.

I didn't say nothing bout the ds3 runs cause are trash due the new strats.
But the ds1 one actually could be reject due audio desync in the half video but it wouldn't be permanent reject cause I have the raw file and could just upload it againt without thie desync issue,, the same for the ds3ng+ the raw have no lag or desyncs.
And I know by sure that you both will find another ridiculous way to reject the ds2 run too.
and if have enough free time maybe also the the awakened dlc.

also living,, I saw tons tons and tons of times the "several times" damage that you put a single time "1:54:25"
you only see what you want to see..(always replaying and replaying few seconds until get imagining things and put "several times" in that) but the attacks can't damage once the limbs are in the floor. so tell us the other "several" times cause now beat ds1 requires "god mode"... really,, you have barely have knoledge of ds1 but just find a little kinesis trickand now you are the expert, really living? the run is 4 years old and you really think that you and only you are one with miracle eye that saw that evaded attack? have been always wrong.. !always¡ in your reasons to reject my speedruns.
I was close to beat the ds3ng+ wr but I have to reset because for my (bad luck have) the luck of get 3 consecutive (same point) hack panel. when that happens I though.. this happene to LivingLB but he will reject this run If I complete it...
So do me a damn favor and once for all and tell me that I have to run with restrictions by your majesty!

and I'm asking honestly, why do yo are acting like a hater?..
when someone else put a run it takes 1 or 2 days for you to accept it. mine's can take weeks. mabye SDA now can also verify even faster than you.
it's because when I try post a run.. you are not watching the perfomance.. strats or quality... you are watching for "anyting" little posibility to reject it.

other runnes have even frozen videos for about whole second about 40~50 frames and jut lagged 2 frames on the drill,, other ones had lucky "1 bullet kill" shots, others have devils horns on ds2ng+ and the runs still there... but mine's?? rejected.
Really guys, If you both are so cynically against me, have the decency to admit it.

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And I guess living that u havent good luck with the hive mind skips.
Being about you is kinda weird that haven't try to said that is fake like the amno glitch. or my crafted weapons for ng.
but osey have been using it since years so. don't even try invent a rule about it for sake.


Old thread but I'm curious as to what was decided since the rules for NG+ say nothing about the Hacker Suit or the Hand Cannon. I agree with Mattmatt, the Hacker Suit shouldn't be allowed but the Hand Cannon was intended to be in the game for all platforms so it should be okay to use. As I'm new here I don't expect my opinion to hold much weight, just curious was to what was decided. 🙂


I know I'm replying to an old thread, but unless its specifically stated in the rules, or perhaps make a console category seperate from PC, it should be allowed.

After all Living Loony, you watched me get that 2:20 when I used to be known as TheRealModSquad!


You can use the hacker suit on console, just not on PC.

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