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I find it difficult to imagine how that would work given the flow of the game.


No, however, I know how to do ILs for this game, because I have been practicing by doing this method. At the end of every chapter you are presented with the option to save at the start of the next level. Loading this save gives you a prompt to start that next level. Starting this way picks the level up at the same place TBR splits, so we could start timing upon chapter loading and end it upon the 'complete' fading away. The only chapter that wouldn't follow this is CH1 but timing is already set for that.


I have added level leaderboards however while making save states for the game i have only 1 condition no upgrades and no weapons except from the plasma cutter if you wish to purchase weapons they must be done in the run so everyone starts off with nearly the same stuff.


So are we allowed to bring power cells and credits from previous chapters in and use them? I think it may be better to use a On Site Procurement (OSP) method as to limit the runs to what is exclusively within the Chapter.

Obviously credit & ammo management would be a slight issue but I'm sure limits can be set (such as in the speedrun we normally like having 9k credits for the linegun in C2 & 10k for the contact beam in C4).
And Ammo can be easily dropped before saving.