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Oh cool! Yeah im still working on getting an autosplitter for it, I have just been so busy! Im so hype it got added though!


Is there any way we could reliably add emulator runs? I am seeing if making an external game timer to measure IGT can be created, since the game doesn't show the end time, similar to the SRTs made for RE2 and 3 speedruns. I have a bunch of people who would love to run the game, but they would need to use emulators for it. Any thoughts/opinions on it?

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I am trying to see if there is a good ps2 emulator to do some testing on for Clock Tower 3. Currently emus are banned, but I am trying to see if there is a way we can make an emu tab to allow more people to be able to play the game. I need to test load time consistencies as there is no in game timer. I know of pcsx2, but I hear it is easy to do speed hacks with it so it wouldn't be the best to use. Does anyone know of any ps2 emus that are similar to bizhawk?


This strat was found by TheLevelBest. I recently was able to get through most of the game with just one lavender water (I messed up in castle and died to scissorman :'( ) This, if done in a good run, can potentially save 4-12 seconds depending on how many items a person has to pick up and use throughout the game. For the second Axe section in the grave yard, all you need is 1 lavender water and some luck, but it is possible for those willing to risk a run half way through. Also sorry for the swearing and gratuitous use of the word "daddy".


alrighty, cool thank you!!! Im going to put a new clock on it and reclock the time then


So, i was a butt and died in a run, but continued, but i stopped my timer. I ended up PBing and getting a time that would have moved me up in the ranks. Can I take the video and add a new timer to it? It would be verifiable since the length of the video is recorded, but I don't know if that is okay or not. I am so mad at myself lol. I am new to speedrunning so i didn't think i could bring it back, but i did! Ugh 🙁 Can any admin help me with this question?