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I'm thinking about picking this up as a speedgame, and I would love to play the PSP version but do not have a PSP capture setup. I am wondering if you would still count the run as valid if it were played on PPSSPP with frame lock and no speedup, etc? Thanks ^^


Man the PSP version, I don't know.
I banned the fan translation of the PSP version as it isn't official, and will still keep it that way.
I assume you plan to run the official Japanese release though?
I don't know how I would feel about adding another category/section to the leaderboards, which already contain the handheld, console and pc version.

In all honesty, anyone can run the PC version, even with a toaster, I just suggest you pick up the PC version.

Edit: I am a fan of emulator when it comes down to dead/abandonware/obscue/expensive games, as it allows more people to run the game. Seeing how this series is very much alive and how wide ports are, I am against adding emulator

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Thanks for the reply. I'll pick up the PC version when I can ^^ I completely understand about the emulator though.