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Hey folks! I've been wanting a tool that let me practice specific maneuvers in Dr. Mario for a while, so I made one. I finally got around to documenting it enough that I think somebody other than me could potentially use it.

Here's a little teaser video of what it looks like:

If it seems like something you'd be interested in, check out
for a detailed description, a quick guide to trying it out, and detailed documentation on creating new problems to practice your maneuvers on.

It hasn't got very many interesting problems/maneuvers available in it for the moment -- just some easy ones I put together to create a tech demo -- but even so I've found it helpful for experimenting with timing and consistency! I plan to make more in the near future; and if you end up creating some for your own practice, I'd love to hear about them and include them in the repo.

I'd be especially interested to hear from somebody who has Windows; I tried to design it so that it works smoothly on any OS, but the proof is in the pudding... (Most likely failure mode: the default configuration has paths with / in them instead of \. Maybe that works, but I don't actually know!)


I've added some randomly generated problems, and let me tell you, some of them are real stinkers. Here's a video from my stream tonight of me double-checking that they're solvable and complaining a lot:

I hope you enjoy my pain. =)

P.S. I've had a chance to test on Windows now, and it works great there, too.