Finish Mission
Quick Getaway: Chicago - Downtown 0m 22s
Quick Getaway: Chicago - Wrigleyville 0m 17s
Quick Getaway: Havana - Necropolis de Colon 0m 10s
Quick Getaway: Havana - Capitolio 0m 18s
Quick Getaway: Las Vegas - Downtown
Quick Getaway: Las Vegas - Upper Strip
Quick Getaway: Rio - Centro
Quick Getaway: Rio - Copacabana
Gate Racing: Chicago - Greektown
Gate Racing: Chicago - Grant Park
Gate Racing: Havana - Necropolis de Colon
Gate Racing: Havana - Old Havana
Gate Racing: Las Vegas - Lakeside
Gate Racing: Las Vegas - Mid Strip
Gate Racing: Rio - Copacabana
Gate Racing: Rio - Santa Tereza
Trailblazer: Chicago - Grant Park
Trailblazer: Chicago - Downtown
Trailblazer: Havana - Old Havana
Trailblazer: Havana - Vedado
Trailblazer: Las Vegas - Downtown
Trailblazer: Las Vegas - Upper Strip
Trailblazer: Rio - Leblon
Trailblazer: Rio - Praca da Bandeira
Checkpoint: Chicago - Downtown 1m 48s
Checkpoint: Chicago - Meigs Field 0m 55s
Checkpoint: Havana - The Docks 1m 06s
Checkpoint: Havana - Old Havana 2m 03s
Checkpoint: Las Vegas - North Vegas
Checkpoint: Las Vegas - Lakeside
Checkpoint: Rio - Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas
Checkpoint: Rio - Praca da Bandeira
Surveillance Tip Off 1m 46s
Chase the Witness 1m 03s
Train Pursuit 2m 24s
Tailing the Drop 1m 51s
Escape to the Safe House
Chase the Intruder
Caine's Compound 2m 14s
Leaving Chicago
Follow Up the Lead
Hijack the Truck
Stop the Truck
Find the Clue
Escape to Ferry
To the Docks
Back to Jones
Tail Jericho
Pursue Jericho
Escape the BRs
Casino Getaway
Beat the Train
Car Bomb
Car Bomb Getaway
Bank Job
Steal the Ambulance
Stake Out
Steal the Keys
C4 Deal
Destroy the Yard
Bus Crash
Steal the Cop Car
Caine's Cash
Save Jones
Boat Jump
Jones in Trouble
Chase the Gunman
Lenny Escaping
Pink Lenny Gets Caught