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If anyone here was interested there is a new Mobile Speedrunning discord server at There's not many mobile game speedrunners around but it's a growing community!

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Hope you don't mind me putting it here, but if anyone here was interested there is a new Mobile Speedrunning discord server at There's not many mobile game speedrunners around but it's a growing community!

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Cheers. I think you would need to create new corrected categories and manually move each run over to the new tabs by editing each one, and only after clearing out the old tabs would you then delete them. A big pain so I'd understand if you don't fancy doing it right now.


The boards include columns for real time as well as in game time but the real time column seems redundant, plus it's misleading as most runs erroneously post real time as equating to in game time. It would be better to simply remove the real time column don't you think?

Also, just a suggestion, but I think it might look tidier if Grass Dungeon, Water Dungeon etc each have one tab, and PC / Mobile be sub-categories within those tabs.

Finally, rather than have Grass Dungeon lvl 1 etc in Miscellaneous, shouldn't those go into a separate IL leaderboard?

Or, if everyone's happy with the way it is, no biggy.


I definitely recommend the sequel to anyone interested in mobile speedrunning - there's a decent growing community around this game (

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The standard of proof is dictated by the mods who hopefully try and get a consensus from the community for the game. If the community are happy with "I got x:xx" as proof, then that's the required standard. If the community consensus is that a run must be performed and recorded in front of a live studio audience and blessed by a catholic priest to be official, that's the required standard.

If you beat the top time but haven't complied with the proof requirements, then what you have is an unofficial WR which means nothing to anyone that didn't see it with their own eyes.

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Great stuff!



1) Yes. As long as you have a recorded run of it yourself and link to it in the request there shouldn't be a problem.
2) Normally crashes are tough luck and end of run, however if crashes are an inevitability in your particular game due to bad coding etc then I suppose some kind of provision for it could be made in the rules for the game, set by the mod (you, if you have requested it). Perhaps subtract time spent restarting?
3) Good question. Personally, if I enjoy speedrunning a game then I will enjoy routing then running at least one good run, and then hope that someone else sees it and has a go themselves and makes it a competition. I have a few games on here where no one else has yet had a go, and I wont bother grinding to improve my time on those unless another runner gets involved.

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I run mobile games on my phone (sometimes with a controller but mostly touchscreen), there's a lot to be said for that.

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What is your app called Twinzam? Does it allow for splits?

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I think emulators are fine as long as they don't give an advantage. I have often felt that there is a slight advantage to playing mobile games on a keyboard / mouse interface but if you are going to not allow keybinds for trinket and spell changes then that will help to minimise this. I think emu should be permitted and if further down the line it seems as though emu is giving a material advantage then we could consider a separate emu category.


Interesting! doesn't look like there were any unusual inputs?


Most of my games are uncontested but there are three or four with at least one other runner, and my best experiences in speedrunning have all been when there has been a sense of co-operation in optimising a run or at least some competition driving the runs on. For me, it is worth doing a speedrun of a game you enjoy even if you are the only one, as it is fun to do the initial routing and there is always the possibility that someone will see it and compete. However, I don't enjoy/bother grinding run after run unless there is someone to compete with. The only exceptions are if there is a personal target (e.g. sub-60).

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I watched a lot of LobosJR's YT channel a couple of years ago and saw him do a run of Lords of the Fallen, which I owned on the PS4. I gave a run a try and posted it. After my wife and I had a baby there was little scope for sitting down in front of the PS4 or PC so I was limited to lunchtimes at work or the odd occasion in the evenings / weekends and running mobile phone games best fitted with those conditions.


Immediate sub. More please.


Great run, and really interesting skip at 18! Unfortunately for some reason my new phone can't run the game anymore, it just keeps crashing. If I manage to sort it out I might well give both categories another go!


Jason, in case it is of interest, the developer Ville replied to my query of how the in game progression counter is calculated:

"To get 100%, you need to 1) complete all the quests (quest completion is indicated by the text dialog in the menu getting dimmed), 2) collect all the treasures, and 3) visit every level, except for the hidden easter egg level with the ghost dog. The last part of the requirement is a bit tricky because it also includes all the levels that don't have a separate node on the map, specifically all the houses in all the towns and all the levels in the Great Caves where there can be several levels per map node."

Given the above, would you like the rules for the 100% category to be adjusted to fit the in game counter? It would no longer be necessary to get all the achievements, which would make the grind for the 999 coin achievement unnecessary, and verification would simply require making it a rule that the player show in their video the save file after game completion. The change would make a lot of sense to me but I don't run that category so your call.


Pure self interest but I would recommend Lords of the Fallen.


Wow, great news Gangscred!

The lag issue was the big one so I'm really glad that's fixed. As for other suggestions, I would keep the same simplistic spirit and resist any urge to add in too many new features, aesthetics or functionality.

A really small point was that in the full game run I found it easy to mistakenly exit to menu after finishing a level and would then struggle to find out where I had got to in the run. However, as most runners here just do the ILs and not full game, I do not think that is a big issue.

Also, weird request, but I would prefer it if the sequel is not too big, i.e. not more than the same number of levels and fairly short levels again. I think most of the fun is in fully optimising the levels with lots of competition for each level, and the longer and more numerous the levels are, the less competition there will be in each level. That is just my personal preference though.

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On a separate but related note, I was really impressed by UKSM including the production quality, runs, commentary, MCing, etc and hats off to the team for having the guts to make such a go of it.

I couldn't make it to this one as I only heard about it very shortly before and had other commitments that weekend, but I would definitely consider attending the next one subject to location etc.


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