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Blazen will correct me if I'm wrong but I think he uses Floating Speedrun Timer for the timer. Not sure what his recording set up is.

If you have a Samsung then its native screen recorder is perfect (can record in game audio, which most 3rd party recorders cannot). If you don't have a Samsung then I found AZ Recorder was pretty good. If you run on iOS then of course the new native recorder for that is the way to go.

If you are interested in speedrunning mobile games generally then please join us in the discord at .


For discussion about mobile games including suggested speedrunnable titles, plus resources etc, a good place is the mobile speedrunning discord


@Eggwink Thanks and I hadn't even considered the legalities. I read into it a little and I think given there would be parental consent it would be fine. Tbh it probably won't happen as I'm not sure how the wife would feel about me getting the littlun to do it.

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Slightly off topic, I have toyed with the idea of getting my 18mo to do a speedrun of a kid's game that can just be key spammed and posting it on src, as I imagine that would make her the youngest official speedrunner in history? Or does it count if the runner doesn't actually know what's going on and has no intention to finish the game quickly? If that counts as child cruelty then I'm joking.

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@Eggwink My wife definitely doesn't understand why I do it and ribs me a bit for it, but she is happy that I enjoy it. That said, we are both busy generally so if there is an evening / time at the weekend when we are both free, speedrunning is most definitely not permitted! Hence, I have to wait until she is either out or asleep, and then there is the baby factor...

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Cheers! I will keep an eye out and if I spot any patterns re item drops i will let you know.

Btw I have emailed the dev about the level transitions to see if anything can help. I suspect not unfortunately.

Edit: Turns out the problem went away overnight - I think my phone must have been running some background process of something when I first played the game. Dev is extremely helpful btw.


One problem is that my level transitions seem to be about twice as slow as yours (though I run on an S7 Edge - hardly a slouch!) but I don't think there's much I can do about that, timing without transitions is impractical and changing the resolution etc doesn't seem to affect it.... Nvm, I will still try the run out.


Thanks B1aZ3n, and thanks for the really useful guidance. If you don't mind, I'm going to flagrantly copy your route / strats and put a time down. I've begun tentatively trying out the first few levels today.


I feel your pain, when I became a dad suddenly the chances of me sitting down in front of a PC / console in the evening / weekend to speedrun vanished and I can only run when the moons align, i.e.

(i) at lunchtimes at work;
(ii) when the wife is out, the baby is asleep and I don't have stuff I have to get done;
(iii) when the wife is out with the baby and I don't have stuff I have to get done;
(iv) when I'm in bed and the wife and the baby are asleep (late night / early hours).

(ii) and (iii) are rarities so I'm mainly left with (i) and (iv), neither of which are PC/console friendly. My answer was mobile games and if you take a look at my profile you will see that somehow, despite dadhood, I manage to get a lot of speedrunning into my life. I discussed it a bit more here .

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Btw, if you interested in running mobile games you are welcome to the mobile speedrunning discord at and there is a discord for this game mentioned in the forum


@Nodlih I will verify your runs asap, I am not at a computer atm (on phone). Please note we understand the dev is releasing an update this weekend which will change the boss fights and introduce ledge grabbing. Just mentioning it in case you planned to do more runs on the existing version soon. Maybe better to wait until after the update.


Seems ok to me


On second thought, no harm in creating a server even if it is a quiet one for the moment. Feel free to join at


I feel like it might be worth a Discord for this game especially as there are updates and additions to it quite regularly, but as there are only 3 of us atm do we think it is worth it?


Cool, I won't touch the rules. Tbh you are so far ahead that we needn't worry about ms accuracy ftm!


I am.happy to change timing to start on the level 1 button press if everyone prefers that. End time is more difficult - it can't be when the character leaves the screen because your the character isn't visible with your new glitch. Congrats on the great time btw ianwubby!


Oops sorry, all done


Correct. Incidentally I think we should probably time with millisec going forward


Hi I don't speak French very well but I think you're asking for an iOS timing app. I don't have iOS so I don't know the answer but there is a mobile speedrunning discord at where there are some good resources and other runners who may be able to help.


Rules changed 🙂

As suggested, I have made it clear that on 8-track times with the glitch will not be accepted.


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