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I'm not sure about the others but I use the Samsung native screen recorder and floating speedrun timer for the on screen clock.


Great work! Will try this out soon cheers!


Sounds promising! I just copy a link to the YT video in the comment and it automatically embeds.


Thanks @Cheylis but I doubt I'll be threatening your wr anytime soon! I imagine it will be tough to replicate but I will experiment with it too.


On the subject of new glitches, I did manage to finish level 4 without sitting through the end cut scene as below:

I'm not sure exactly how it happened but I note that I was far enough ahead of the captain that she was not on screen until near the end of the level, and I spammed jump as I left. The cut scene is fairly long, so worth skipping if this can be made consistent.


If it helps, when I am grinding short runs i don't stop and start the screen recorder for each attempt, instead I record the whole session (perhaps stopping and starting the recorder every ten minutes or so to keep file sizes manageable), and when I PB I just stop the recording and trim off the relevant part of the video. The native video editor on most phones makes this easy, and there are lots of third party apps which do the same job.

I don't think a photo or video of the end screen will be a big improvement on the proof standard as one can display a photoshopped screenshot on their screen and video / photo it. Indeed it would be more difficult to spot image inconsistencies that way.

Note: I have no doubt at all in the legitimacy of the recent top times. The issue for me is more that I really like to be able to watch these massively impressive runs to appreciate them.

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I have signed up for the beta but not yet done any testing.

Is the dagger drop in the beta update going to be allowed for submissions right away, or not until the official release of the update?


Great, thanks for letting us know!


Cheers! I will try and de-rust my Sox soon and put down some times.

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Sorry sleep, only just seen your reply. Cat Bird was just an example of a game where the different world's/ stages are hived off into separate categories in the full game lb. For SoX this would mean additional full game categories for world 1, world 2 and world 3. Alternatively, they could be added as either miscellaneous categories or in the IL leaderboards (Speed Run is an example) although I think that looks messier. The world 1 run for SoX would be c6 min which is a much more attractive run length for a lot of people.

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Jee really weird


@jaguar Weird! How did that happen??


That's awesome Blinkdor, a really novel approach.

From the partner's perspective, I guess there are plenty worse habits than speedrunning - some of my friends vanish to the pub straight after dinner and aren't seen again until bedtime. Speedrunning is pretty harmless in the scheme of things.

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Thanks Cheylis, I'll do that. Also, congrats on the great run- sub 30 getting realer!


This looks like the sort of game where deliberate lag might break the game but I haven't tested this yet.


I have the items I want deposited in my bank (have only so far run on Slot 1). I am going to try a run out soon so will delete my existing save file at Slot 1 and restart a new game on that slot.

That's correct isn't it, deleting the existing save game on that slot will not wipe out the items in the bank? I am just paranoid that I am going to lose my items!


I think I read/heard somewhere that the update will officially release May time. I will probably try some runs pre-update based on the existing route, when I finally get the chance!


There are definitely a lot of really credible speedgames on mobile now and the community is growing well. I've mentioned in a couple of other threads that mobile is the only platform that fits in with my real life commitments. If anyone needs suggestions then the discord is really useful.

One of the big draws for mobile over other handhelds is capture. Both the Samsung and iOS native recorder are now really good and there's a lot of free third party ones too.

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Oh wow, so dev is adding the pdagger drop when he does the competitive mode update later this month? Makes sense. Not sure if i should bother doing runs now then (just got the gayan dagger), might wait for the update instead.


Also sleep, is it worth adding world categories a la cat bird? Sub10 runs are quite popular


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