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Good work again DEMO, crazy glitch! I think your second solution (Any% Glitchless and Any% categories) is most sensible but welcome other's comments. I would be interested to see a full glitched run!

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Cheers! I don't think you will have any difficulty beating it once you do a run with the new time saves (early poison dagger, plus level 4 skip, plus consistent level 19 skip strat). In the meantime, I will enjoy my reign at the top however short it is!

If the times get super optimised then I might do a run in Italian or another language if that is faster. Time save is likely to be really small either way.


Sure thing, mod made!


I would say it is, wr in most popular category recently beaten, and new pb's posted multiple times per week.

If you're looking for new speedgame on mobile generally and a steer on what community there might already exist for such games, I'd recommend the mobile speedrunning discord at

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I have not done much testing but I think Italian MIGHT be very slightly faster than English (and faster than the other languages too) but it would only amount to perhaps 3-4 seconds over the whole run at a guess. I tested the level 6 monologue which was 0.8 secs faster in Italian. I don't think I will bother running in Italian unless through more testing it turns out that the difference is more significant.


Thanks, I am slowly getting there but not sure I will be able to beat your WR plus I imagine you can sub-30 whenever you want since the update plus lvl 4 skip!


Jeez, looks like the level select has a few holes in the coding! Hopefully inadvertent wtg won't kill too many good runs. Nice researching!


Awesome work DEMO, this has so much potential.


Looks really interesting! I would love a cool warp glitch for this game and looks like you've found one potentially if a consistent set up could be found.

You raise some good moderation topics. My gut instinct would be to allow, unless it could be used for most of the levels. I'll make you mod as you are clearly active in the game.


Hi and great runs - you are really optimising chap 1!

I will add you as mod if you want. I have also been meaning to retime your runs as I think they were faster than your submitted times, there are websites where you can replay frame by frame to get accurate timing and I will post a link shortly.

Finally, you are most welcome to join the mobile speedrunning discord at if you are interested in mobile running generally.


@Goudurix Sorry for any confusion, for full game runs a video would be needed. As mentioned above, a screenshot would be ok for an individual level (IL) lower than third but for a top 3 IL time or a full game run a video is needed. In IL you can screenshot the in game time.


I welcome Dvilx' s thoughts but I would think a screenshot of a time might be ok for a slower IL time but for a top 3 time (or a full game run) video would be necessary. Sorry buddy.


I'm not sure about the others but I use the Samsung native screen recorder and floating speedrun timer for the on screen clock.


Great work! Will try this out soon cheers!


Sounds promising! I just copy a link to the YT video in the comment and it automatically embeds.


Thanks @Cheylis but I doubt I'll be threatening your wr anytime soon! I imagine it will be tough to replicate but I will experiment with it too.


On the subject of new glitches, I did manage to finish level 4 without sitting through the end cut scene as below:

I'm not sure exactly how it happened but I note that I was far enough ahead of the captain that she was not on screen until near the end of the level, and I spammed jump as I left. The cut scene is fairly long, so worth skipping if this can be made consistent.


If it helps, when I am grinding short runs i don't stop and start the screen recorder for each attempt, instead I record the whole session (perhaps stopping and starting the recorder every ten minutes or so to keep file sizes manageable), and when I PB I just stop the recording and trim off the relevant part of the video. The native video editor on most phones makes this easy, and there are lots of third party apps which do the same job.

I don't think a photo or video of the end screen will be a big improvement on the proof standard as one can display a photoshopped screenshot on their screen and video / photo it. Indeed it would be more difficult to spot image inconsistencies that way.

Note: I have no doubt at all in the legitimacy of the recent top times. The issue for me is more that I really like to be able to watch these massively impressive runs to appreciate them.

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I have signed up for the beta but not yet done any testing.

Is the dagger drop in the beta update going to be allowed for submissions right away, or not until the official release of the update?


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