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@Ishigami Good run! As to milliseconds, this is @LaserTrapGamer 's board really so I'll leave that up to him

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@Ishigami They're in the level leaderboard buddy. Have a go!

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Cool. Cheers guys

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Is the layout on a set cycle, cos it seems quite random for me and it often feels like I have to do lots of resets to get the right one. Also, is there a way of telling whether you have the right layout immediately (when you get out of bed) without having to go to the bathroom to see if the cog is in the sink (e.g. a telltale item in the starting room)? Help please!

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For discussion about mobile games including suggested speedrunnable titles, resources / tips and a regular competition, a good place is the Mobile Speedrunning discord

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@Twan_Jones I agree with you I guess, that the level leaderboard is the correct place for world runs.

The only small problem is that levels within the level leaderboard are trivialised a bit by only showing the top time on the level leaderboard front page, so it's not very obvious where the main competition in the game is. If one particular world run is by far the most popular category for the game, there is no way of showing that category by default (that is why a lot of world runs are put in the full game board e.g. which is technically not correct). An option to make any category (not just the full game LB or the whole level LB) the default shown leaderboard would solve that.

Hands up, I'm probably just splitting hairs.


Thanks, I have made you mod. Great run btw!


@Timmiluvs Thanks, that is certainly a potential solution. I also like the way NSMB DS has done it in the Misc category as linked by blueYOSHI although for games where 'World 1' is actually the most popular category, it could not be the shown by default LB for the game (I'm being pedantic now).

There are lots of current 'workarounds' which all work to a degree (a selection of different approaches):

But if there was a way of fitting these categories into the site more naturally then that would be great. I agree it can get cluttered pretty easily.


Thanks for the comments.

Lots of games have, say, 30 levels, but 10 levels to each 'world' / 'act' / 'stage', e.g. . Each stage is a collection of levels so by definition is not an 'individual level'. Each 'world' / 'act' / 'stage' is not arbitrary, it is defined by the game.

'Segments' was perhaps the wrong word for me to have used as it has other connotations in speedrunning. I am not suggesting there should be a leaderboard for segmented runs.

I'm not suggesting this issue is an issue for all games and I agree it is meaningless for a game like OOT. It is just a little awkward I guess fitting a separate 'world' / 'act' / 'stage' category into the current LB dynamic for a lot of the games I run. It's not a huge issue, granted.

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On a lot of games I run it is increasingly common for there to be categories for groupings of IL's, most typically, a category for each 'World' or 'Stage' of the game. Indeed, Individual World categories are much more popular than full game in lots of games (e.g. ) because a 5-10 minute run is more accessible than a 30-60 minute run.

However, I don't think the leaderboards accommodate Segments (i.e. 'individual worlds' or 'stages' or 'acts') very cleanly as they either have to be put as a full game category (which technically they aren't), or as an IL (which technically they aren't) or as a Miscellaneous category (which isn't ideal especially if the IW's are more popular than full game).

It would be great to be able to add a third leaderboard type, i.e. Segment, in addition to Full Game / Individual Level, or find some other way to more neatly incorporate those categories into the game's page.

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Hi LaserTrapGamer. I'm from the mobile speedrunning discord ( - welcome to join). We periodically select a game to compete in as a community for a short while and we selected Colorblind (Iris City Any%) this time round (it was ported to mobile quite recently). Competition lasts at least a week and thereafter until someone has held wr for at least 3 days.

We don't want to be rude and take over your leaderboard but it would be really appreciated if you could:
(1) Add iOS and Android in the platform list for this game
(2) Make Mobile a subcategory (alongside PC / Web)
(3) Make 'No IAP' / 'IAP' subcategories too (our comp doesn't allow them)
(4) (Just for the duration of the comp) make me, Oxknifer and cros107 verifier only mods. We are mods of the discord and help get 'entries' in the competition verified asap.

Again, we definitely don't want to hijack your lb, we just really liked this game as a mobile speedgame and would love to take it on!

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Dracaarys did the honours:

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Thanks, really useful summary! I will watch a few runs and try and learn then grind for a decent time soon.

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Just downloaded this game and will definitely give 1.3 easy a try.

Are there any route guides available that you could point me to or if not could anyone let me have a brief description of the route? A map, if anyone has one, would be especially useful.

I see we got an update today on Google Play but it just says that there are some 'minor bug fixes' so hopefully the existing 1.3 route is still ok.

Any help greatly appreciated.


"..this is what I mean by none of your opinions "hit the mark". None of you comprehend yet what is in store."

If your unique plans for the channel were key to understanding the question posed in your OP, but you did nothing to explain what those plans are, why are you now angry that people are not giving you 'the right opinions' (a contradiction in terms)?

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This is veeeery like ink but different levels. Main difference: this is available on mobile.


Hi guys. This looks like the sort of game I like to run. Stupid question, but how much grinding / training would you say this takes to 'git gud' (for the any% classic w/eleven category)? Not sure how much time I would need to dedicate.

Incidentally, if any of you are interested in mobile speedrunning generally, there is a discord at


I had that problem initially and I believe I solved it by jumping as I broke the rock wall near the breakable ceiling, so that the area of effect of my shot touches the breakable ceiling (making dust fall off it). The thunder then finishes it off in one strike. GL!


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