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Lords of the Fallen is perhaps shorter than you were looking for but really fun, and probably available on PS4 for ne much.


I would like to complain to the power of 4.


Good to hear you are coming back to the game! DEMO is the top guy to advise right now (he is in a league of his own) but for the moment the main things to remember are:

1. Damaging enemies temporarily allows you to pass through them unharmed, so don't bother killing most things, just hit them once and walk through them;
2. Strategise where you are going to accept taking damage, the optimal route for each level will usually mean finishing with only one heart;
3. Practise sword swiping and shooting the magic bolt in quick combination, for quick kills on enemies.

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If you draw a blank in your search, I (or someone else in the mobile speedrunning community) would be happy to recommend some mobile speedgames to you if you let us know your preferences. I know you said that they don't entertain you, but it can be easy to overlook some really credible titles because the mobile games market is so flooded. They are there though.

Also, I think DOS emulation is possible on Android, but I haven't tried it myself. I have tried running a fringe Amstrad title ('Tubaruba' - if any of the other 4 people that played it read this, hmu) on my phone using an emu app and it worked really well.


All exhibition runs currently require base stats, and the career mode run allows use of a fully levelled profile.

If anyone wanted to run exhibition using a levelled profile and/ or wanted to do a career run starting from base stats only, let me know and I can add the relevant sub-categories.


My name is Dr Grumble and I am a speedstalker


[Fs] If you let me have the link of your run I will watch it and when I get time I will try it out myself [fe]

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@JudgeAlexander This game is also available on mobile and I have thought about running it before but it looked too big (long) so I never finished a playthrough. If you start routing and think there is a decent prospect of the run getting below the 1.5 hour mark please let me know and I will hopefully be able to join in and we could tackle routing together.

Edit: I have just YT'd it and there is a cheats-on speedrun over 3 hours so unless you find something huge, I'm out unfortunately. Sorry.

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@Renoncius Thanks for the reply, good to know. This is definitely on my list of potential speedgames to run.

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Thanks tetronic. Someone whispered me on twitch recently asking if any of us were active in this game so may be that there is a new run coming, who knows.


I much prefer option 4. I've always thought having highscores tracked on '' was kinda silly as highscoring and speedrunning are completely different beasts and in many instances are the antithesis of each other. A sister site appropriately named with same interface and accounts etc would be cool though.

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Some of you know of it already, but there is a mobile speedrunning discord at

It's a good place to find other mobile games which meet your criteria for speedrunning, to introduce other runners to mobile speedgames you are interested in or to discuss mobile speedrunning in general. We also hold competitions periodically where we have a week to compete in a game / category voted on by the members.


I wasn't aware that there was a common adversity to clicking on people's profiles. Personally, I am a bit of a snoop and find myself looking through people's times pages waaaay more than is healthy lol

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The benefit of having a free text field on profiles would be that members could say as much or as little as they liked about themselves, e.g. what platforms / genres / games they run, what if any projects they are looking into, who their favourite spice girl is, whatever


I don't think adding the ability to include a personal profile / description to member pages is a terrible idea, matter of opinion ofc

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^ How to neatly summarise action adventure route planning in about 50 words.


Great run! Do full game damageless - I dare ya!


As someone else has previously mentioned, there is a tiny difference between iOS and Android, specifically level 1 design. I think levels 2-4 are the same between platforms but I don't know about any other levels as I only have Android.

I could make iOS / Android subcategories. However, if the difference is only in level 1 and (from what I could tell) did not make a huge difference, I am tempted to leave it. Thoughts?

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There is a twitch vod for the run. If you cannot see it it must be something to do with your phone settings.

Btw, great job vanity!


@Saramoor Hi! Yeah if you want to do a run of Episode 1 only I am happy to add a level leaderboard. Can you submit to the full game board once you have a recorded IL run and I will then add the necessary category and put it in there? Cheers.


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