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Yeah, you might be right. If you want to run a fresh game category then I think it would be quite cool due to the raised difficulty.


Good idea but it would kinda suck to have to grind all over again to get the cards back if/when you want to go back and do any%


Btw sat, why did my @SaturnRunsGames not work?

Edit: Nvm, seems to work now

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The mobile version IGT is only in seconds. I didn't realise the PC version IGT includes millisecs. I guess both boards can use IGT and the PC one include milliseconds so everyone is happy 🙂

The skips in current runs are only possible with the tilt controls but do not use power ups. If someone comes along with runs using power ups then a new subcategory could be added then.

I will created the PC / Mobile subcategory now and add milliseconds, and add you as a mod.

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Afaik there are no current runs with power-ups so we could just make it a rule that power-ups are not allowed, until someone comes along who is desperate to run with power-ups (seems unlikely). Otherwise I think we complicate the boards potentially unnecessarily.

As for milliseconds, it is a tricky one. I always prefer using IGT where possible on mobile to make it more accessible and convenient for runners. Yes, there are a few ties but that can add an element of excitement (e.g. Goldeneye). Ties are also less of an issue unless / until the game becomes popular.

The above said, I have no runs on the board (I did a reeaaallly bad Purple World run which I might submit) so should leave that issue to saturn and wuzi. Indeed, if neither of them plan on actively running it in the short/ medium term and you can submit some runs to show that you do plan to run it, then I think it right that you get mod and make the changes you want to make. @Wuzi @SaturnRunsGames

As an aside, if you plan on running the game on PC 2gethR, it would make sense to have PC / Mobile separate categories because use of the gyroscopic controls is OP in this game.

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I have no objection to that if the others don't


I tend to do a lot of runs late at night which is fine but if I speedrun whilst tired the game feels like it's going a lot faster, as my reaction times get dulled. If you are getting your sleep at other times then I don't see a problem.


On the mobile speedrunning discord we have a channel where anyone can drop a post with their preferences to ask for suggestions, in particular (a) Platform(s) (b) Run duration (c) Genre(s) (d) Pay stance (e) Other criteria. A sticky on these forums (fora?) for suggestion requests spelling out what leads people need to give would work pretty well imo.

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I can but don't think I'll get the chance for another week. Hopefully wuzi or Saturn spot this beforehand.

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Is it worth running on emu instead?


^ Good point


Hi mad king. For some unknown reason the iOS version doesn't include time trial. You can time manually although it's not easy!

Time seems to start the first frame the jets light up.

I believe time ends when both craft feet are on the pad simultaneously BUT the time can carry on when the craft bounces back up but not always. I think the key to spotting when the in game clock would have stopped (if iOS had one) is when the camera starts to zoom in on the pad.

Please time as best you can and submit so we can check. Unfortunately it is not an exact science because of the end time vagueness, also the fact that you can only be accurate to the nearest frame whereas I think the IGT on android may be more accurate than that.


Interesting idea. You could even embed users' src times pages if the site admins were ok with that, although that would only appeal to speedrunners. Some intergration between your site and this one would be cool as the only thing this site lacks is player profiling (other than the basics and times page).


"I'm just a kid you know, Just a little speedrunner, Was joined 2 months ago, So I Don't Know Much About Speedrunning"
Nice meme.

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I use Samsung Game Tools and have always had a decent result. If you are getting low bitrate vids then try changing the bitrate from auto to the highest possible (14 Mbps I think) in settings. There is a 4gb file size limit but that is not unusual. If you need any other tips on gameplay and speedrun recording and timing on mobile then the mobile speedrunning discord is at


Ah, okay


Do you mean you are already in the discord? What is your discord name?


Nice guide!

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@FlipRun Given your obvious interest in PK, you may be interested in joining the mobile speedrunning discord competition - see for more details

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@Ianwubby Is there a material difference in the performance of the different karts / characters? If so, and given that croako (?) cannot be unlocked without paying, is it possible to create a sub-category for free / paid? The reason I ask is that there is interest in running this game (probably 1-1 5 lap) in the Mobile Speedrunning Discord competition, but we only do free games.

Edit: You are welcome to the discord

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