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Managed a small improvement on the run, but it took a bucket load of attempts given how bad I am at your skip at 9. Have done a 100% run but lots of room for improvement.


I see your point. I will include ads unless I can avoid the problem entirely by turning off wifi / mobile data and getting rid of the ads that way.


Wow great runs Yam, and great skip on 9! Have to wonder what other glitches are hidden in the game...

I will try and improve on that but it won't be easy. May need some serious run grinding.


Good stuff - intrigued to see the time save on 9!

Please do give some of the other games a go. Most of my runs are after 2-3 attempts max because they are uncontested, so all of them have a ton of time to find.

As of recently I am mainly limited to sub-60 runs as I only really get time during my lunch break. If you spot any other promising titles on Google Play let me know - sadly there are too many IAP driven spendathons on Google Play and not enough old fashioned paid games.


Thanks for your help. I can see the merit in including ads in the video to remove any doubt about the timing / editing.

I have incidentally found that turning off wifi and mobile data on the phone / tablet gets rid of the ads on at least one game, but whether that works for every game with ads I'm not sure.


I have found a couple of time saves and posted a sub-3. It can be beaten, there must be at least a couple more places to optimise.

The answer to the advert problem is to switch off wifi and mobile data on your phone / tablet. Can't believe I didn't think of it before. Certainly works on this game and I will try doing that on other mobile games that I run.

On that topic, mobile gaming is sorely under-represented in speedrunning, so good to have another mobile runner around and hope you give other runs a try Yam!


Thanks Joeeigel. I am the only mod of most of the games in question (largely because most of them are uncontested at the moment) so guess I will carry on until another runner objects!


I run mostly Android games. Many have adverts annoyingly interrupting play and whilst some games allow you to purchase removal of ads, a lot don't.

For those that don't allow ad removal, I trim out the ads and post the edited video to youtube / this site and use the edited video for the purpose of timing the run.

Alternatively, I could post the run including ads so that anyone can verify that only advert has been removed and that no advantage was gained in editing. It would however mean anyone watching the run had to sit through an advert.

Presumably, removing the ads from the video before posting is acceptable?


YamCider - Good run. I'll try and improve my time with a bit more risk taking and see if I can wrestle back the WR!

I note you need to eliminate ads. I trimmed out the advert from my run using youtube editor (think you can see the flicker where I did that at about 1:18 on my 3:16 video). Happy for you to do the same or to keep current video and discount ad time if you prefer (which would make your run about 3:11 I guess or thereabouts).

If instead you would rather use videos including ads for verification purposes (counting out the advert time) I am happy to do that, let me know. I have made you a mod in any case.


Hi Guesst

Love the game and thinking of doing some IL runs, or perhaps a full game / chaps 1-3 run.

Can you let me know how you get such precise timings for the level runs? Is there a program you use?



Hi. Please can be added as a mod for Swordigo (

My any% run has been awaiting verification for 27 days and an earlier slower run from over a month ago was not verified. I Twitch PM'd both mods on 18 December and posted on the forum 2 days ago but have received no reply. I have no other way of contacting them.

MarcoDTL has not been on the site for a month and alfredodevars has not been on the site for 8 months.


Alternatively, if you are busy, please can you add me as a mod instead?


Please can my any% run be verified?



Hi there.

I am thinking of trying a run of this game.

I know rules say no real money allowed but to get rid of the ads I need to purchase the ad-free add-on, and a coin doubler comes with that.

Are your times with the coin doubler, or without it?


Sounds like a really good time, getting much closer to the 2 hour mark. The easiest way of recording this game if you are playing on your phone is with a screen recorded app. The YouTube one works really well but there are lots of others available.


I don't think it shows all the time as my pb save file is shorter than actual time plus it does show tutorial time (not included in speedrun). However, the difference was very small (around 1 minute by end of game) so save file is a decent representation of your pace.

I feel your pain on the last boss, his attacks are devastating.


That's never happened to me, sounds like bad luck man.


However please if possible combine the recordings into one flv so that the whole run can be shown in one video. Youtube editor allows you to do this easily.


Hi, I don't object to spreading the run over multiple recording sessions - I have to do it that way as I cannot find the time to do it all in one sitting. You sound like you're on a very good pace.


Thanks for these posts, the weapons/powers guide is really thorough.


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