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To quickly add to the above list of recommended mobile games for speedrunning, Speed Run for Android is well worth a look. It is pure platform speedrunning and a lot of fun.

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Thanks for the full game run Gangscred, I will watch with great interest and try and improve my time!

Well done MrVirus on the guide and well done Choc on the great times - I have a feeling fully optimising the levels will take a long time but lots of fun in the process!

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Wow, thanks Gangscred for your lightning reply! This is a massive help and thanks again for the game, it's a great platformer and I will be recommending it to lots of people.


Thanks guys. I may actually try emailing the dev.

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It's completely each person's choice, but if submissions could include a note of the settings used that would be really useful for anyone trying to improve their times.

Also, does anyone know if there is any benefit in reducing the velocity setting? Presumably not but I am not sure how exactly how the game physics work.

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I for one would pay more than $5 per year to use the site without any additional perks, they are just a nice extra. The site owners could I think have been forgiven for monetising the site loads when it took off, but here it is, still free. Bravo to them.


Thanks Sleepwalker and crikey what a great sub-30! I think it's a long hard slog for me to get near that but will keep trying.

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Ta MrVirus, I will definitely give it a look!

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Reeeaally weird request, but do you mind if cover changes to a square one, e.g.:

I have a little OCD.


Hi youfaceson.

To be honest, I have no splits prepared but I know that Zarcatus' run includes splits so might be worth messaging him on Twitch / YT.

Looking forward to seeing your run!


Please can I be made a mod of Mod has been inactive for 3 weeks (same period as my run has been pending). I have tried contacting him via Twitch PM and on game's forum but no reply.


I have revised the 100% rules so no CD permitted. If you wanted a 100% with CD please let me know. Look forward to seeing your run!

I have seen a list of the achievements at and some of them look pretty tough. Getting the 999 soul shards in particular could take some grinding (I did once get a glitch maxing SS at the end of the ice dwarf fight but have never been able to replicate -


All done xEarthx. I have made the 100% category coin doubler permitted - unless you would prefer that it be without coin doubler? To be honest, it would probably not effect the time too much as you will be getting plenty of coins in the chests anyway.


Just to mention, I think Bubblebutt's run has the wrong time posted - should be 45s rather than 55m 45s.


Cheers Sleepwalker! I agree, it's a great speedrun - easy to get into but very difficult to master (I am still very much at the former stage!).


Hi there, please can you verify my any% run?



Thanks kiwissbm, I will hopefully try a run out soon!


Thanks yellowlabb. Seems daft to me that Apple are so worried about security re screen recording yet I am not aware that it is any great problem on Android, which allows screen recording. It makes life so much more difficult for anyone that wants to record gameplay on ios (glad I am on Android).


I would potentially want to submit a run on Android but I see there is no platform option other than PC (even though it is a mobile game). Can Android be added as a platform?


I read online about an app called AirShou for IOS screen recording, but it's not available in the iOS App Store, so has to be sideloaded. [Secret: I don't know what sideloaded means].


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