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Thanks Zarcatus - really interesting comments! I agree there is likely to be a lot of route evolution worked around how best to deploy the spare keys.

I am really interested to see how WEK would be tackled with magic only (if as feared the magic sword doesn't work there). I can do the first corruptor fairly ok but the skeleton gate keeper is tough. When I tried WEK magic only even the smaller mobs were really tricky and it was difficult to keep up the mana levels. The saving grace is that Bishop the Destroyer can be skipped, plus the final boss stage 1 can be hurt largely by deflecting his magic balls (presuming that this is possible with non-MB swords?), and then the final boss last stage can normally be cheesed (although mana levels may again be a problem and he can deflect fire balls quite easily...).

In case it helps any (may not), I have uploaded in guides a spreadsheet I made a few months ago showing the chests and rewards, for help with routing.


Some further observations (sorry, have become a bit obsessive):

- The ferryman skip, although not saving any time itself, does allow you to acquire a key 'in hand' by speaking to the ferryman before using pots to jump over the river. This will allow one key required later in the game to be skipped. Thought would need to be given to which key takes the longest time to get, as that one would be the best one to skip.

- I still haven't managed yet to recreate the SS maxing glitch as it is really difficult to try and set things up so that the level up happens at exactly the same time as a coin is collected. It is also possible that the glitch might require a cut scene to commence at the same time too (that is pure guesswork based on the conditions when it happened before). One thing that might help is that picking up an XP sack dropped from a chest involves a cut small scene and obviously can trigger a level up, so all that may then be needed is finding out how to place a coin in the same spot as the XP sack after its dropped to the floor. It might be possible by throwing a pot onto the same spot and hoping that a coin pops out when it breaks. Complicated - will test!

Edit: tested collecting an XP sack (to trigger level up) and a coin simultaneously, and didn't seem to work.


I might be wrong but I think I have accidentally attempted WEK using the magic sword before, when forgetting to go to the caves to forge the mageblade, and I think the corruptors were immune to it unfortunately. Definitely warrants checking though.


Unfortunately to progress after the first boss you need to get the first piece of the mageblade and speak to the elder, otherwise when you go through the cave after using the bomb to clear some rubble for the first time, there is another lot of rubble and a guard saying "can't clear this with explosives, guess I'll need a pick axe" or something similar. I haven't checked whether there are similar road blocks connected with the other bosses.

In any case, I agree that WEK underlevelled would be incredibly tough. Add magic only into the mix and it would take a superhuman effort to get through it.


Hi guys

I emailed the dev who was really friendly and helpful. I asked him about:

1. Jumping across the lava to the Mageblade platform before getting all the pieces / raising the bridge, and whether there a way of triggering the Mageblade without first getting all the pieces;

2. The Ice Dwarf glitch maxing the soul shard count, and whether he thought there was a viable way of reproducing this (ideally with an earlier boss / mob).

3. More generally, whether he knew of any possible sequence breaks, glitches, exploits or other tricks which might help reduce the speedrun time.

They replied with:

"1. I don't think there is a way of triggering it, but have you considered not getting the Mageblade at all? It is possible to complete the World's End Keep by using magic only, although it is not easy. Doing it quickly could be an interesting challenge.

2. I can't tell offhand what is causing this although I could possibly figure it out by looking at the code. If I had to guess, you need to collect a coin at the exact same frame where the game stops for the level up dialog. Probably not easy to replicate reliably, but if this is the cause, it could work anywhere else too.

3. I don't know of any major glitches, but as I mentioned above, skipping getting the Mageblade could potentially save time. It would make the end more difficult, but you could skip two bosses entirely. It also lets you keep keys from the previous dungeons to use later, which could further save time.

If I can think of anything else that could help, I will let you know."

He also mentioned that they are working on a new game and there should be some news coming out about it soonish, which sounds interesting!

I tried World's End with magic only and it is reeeaallly tough, and I couldn't complete it (got perhaps halfway through), but I wouldn't say it was definitely impossible. The comments about the soul shard glitch were obviously interesting too and I will perhaps try some testing as I can think of a few different potential set ups, if this is indeed the cause.

Incidentally I completed a playthrough after doing the ferryman skip and there was no obvious effect on story progression or anything else, so doubt this is an effective timesaver.


I see that you guys initially presumed the finish point was when the screen turns white whereas I had made it the point where the glass fades out.

Seems like the way you initially did it seems more logical as it is easier to pinpoint the exact moment the screen turns white. I am happy to change it, unless you are fine with the way it currently is?


All done and great runs guys - I will try and sit down at some point and improve my time but I don't think I'll threaten your times!

As you guys are obviously actively running the game, do you both want mod?

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Great work Jason, I have tested 2 on android and there was some frame rate drop but only for one screen or so. I have not gone much further in that playthrough so I don't know if there is any later side effects either. In messing around generally I have experienced a couple of oddities but nothing useful or major yet but will keep trying stuff. All in all it's a tough game to break!


Thanks Jason. I think a very strict / traditional definition for 100% would be "collect everything" which would include the swords etc, but on the other hand it is up to the runners to set the rules. The only reason I defined it as all treasures / achievements to begin with was because xEarthx asked for that expressly, but he hasn't as yet done any runs.

An alternative for defining 100% would be to obtain 100% per the in game percentage counter (where you load the save file). I think (I may well be wrong) that percentage is based on getting all treasures, visiting all areas and killing all bosses. The benefit in using that as the rule would be easy verification, as the runner could be asked to show their save file after ending the run, showing the 100%.

Edit: Actually not sure at all about the 100% in game percentage as I have a save just before the last boss with 95% even though I have missed quite a few treasures and areas, so likely that percentage merely tracks storyline progress.


Good stuff! Nice tip regarding the bomb method - I think I do use that in my any% no CD run, it makes me wonder whether a similar technique might have application elsewhere in the run.


All done.

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Alternatively there could be an "All achievements / treasures" category and separately a 100% category which also requires that all weapons and armor be obtained. Don't mind having both but depends on what categories will actually get run. For the moment I will reinstate Zach Miller's run in 100% and if you want an additional category to include weapons / armor Jason then go for it (relabel the other category "All achievements / treasures").


I have no objection to that suggestion. I will get on with that shortly.


I have had another look at the achievements list and admittedly there is not one that requires buying those items. I will reinstate the run, unless you had any comment Jason?


I suspect there are some undiscovered glitches and thought I would mention some possible 'lines of enquiry' in the hope that with some new tech the run time might start to get towards the 60 minute mark, which would make it much easier for me to try runs.

1. I have heard that by wearing the fire amulet on armor the Ice Dwarf can be damaged even with his shield up (untested).

2. Whereas you normally need to fetch the vase for the ferrymaster in order to cross the river and progress near the beginning of the game, I can actually jump that gap without doing the vase quest by picking up some nearby pots and stacking them on the edge of the river. This definitely doesn't save any real time but I haven't tested whether it messes up any scripting yet.

3. Similarly, I can actually get to the platform where you get the Mageblade without getting the pieces or raising the bridge over the lava. You need a health potion and jump over the lava, healing half way across, and can survive the trip. Unfortunately, the Mageblade does not materialise when you get to the platform, but if there is someway of triggering it without getting the pieces then this has potential.

4. I have already posted elsewhere the glitch I got by chance whilst fighting the Ice Dwarf which maxes SS. If the effect could be replicated somehow, perhaps even on an earlier boss / mob, then that has huge potential to enable purchasing the magic armor much earlier (could also avoid the need to get chests and help with the 100% run). Video posted again below.

5. At about 47 mins into Zach Miller's any% run he gets killed by a bat and the death animation clips him through a locked gate. There may be nothing in this because the respawn is always at the previous gate.

6. Pots and blocks can be placed on some mobs and causes some awkward clipping / repositions them vertically. Again, probably no useful application but who knows.

7. Generally, running whilst carrying things can seem to cause some awkward collision issues in tight gaps etc but I have not come across anything of use yet.

May be nothing useful here, but thought I would share these in case anyone finds the opportunity to carry out any further testing. If I find anything of actual use I will of course add it to this thread.


Sword of Xolan for mobile is one of my favourites but only 2 full game runners.

Generally, I wished more people ran mobile games as that is the only platform I can realistically run on at the mo.


I have created individual level leaderboards as I want to practice individual levels to ultimately improve my full game time Heromaster. If you wanted me to submit your level times from your full game run let me know.

When Cordy 2 gets added, I would appreciate it if you could do the same thing for that game as I will do ILs first as practice for the full game run which I will definitely do at some point.




Good spot. Tough call but rules are rules and buying those items can have a material effect on the time, so I'll reject it.


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