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Wish I could see you guys again, have fun fellas!

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Gotta check if I can come. Since it is during school days. But I would love to come! 😃


If someone needs a place to stay for an extra night before/after the event my home in Mullsjö (Third train station before Jönköping when coming from Gothenburg/Skövde) can be open up. Or if anyone just want to show up.

I'm however unsure how I'm working those days, so I can't really set anything in stone, but I'm just putting it up here in case.


Tompa; The hero we don't deserve!

My plan is to brush up on some Sonic and submit but I wonder if I should get some practice and perhaps even PB's before submitting or if I should just submit and then try to opt out as early as possible if I don't feel up to the task. Like Eagle I'm also planning to attend the Melee event but hopefully it won't be a problem considering the game is only 20 minutes.

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So just a few more days to get submissions in, then we'll get to work on a schedule. You'll definitely get a run on the book if you want to come ! 🙂


Two weeks remaining! Are people ready?!


The following is an archive of the schedule for DHW15 as preparation for DHS16 is now underway.

Mario Kart 64~All Cups ~flippy_o vs Biinny~55
Luigi's Mansion~100%~Linkus7
Solstice: Quest for the Staff of Demnos~Any%~Niss3~20
Super Mario Galaxy ~Any% (Luigi)~360Chrism
Crash Team Racing~any%~flippy_o~70
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow~All Bosses (Soma)~SethCharleon
Trials Fusion~100%~Zzzlol94~85
Bastion~NG any%~Kazzadan
Super Mario 64 DS~50 Star~Paradox ~65
Luigi's Mansion~Any%~Linkus7
Star Wars Battlefront~Any% ~MeridianPrime~130
Sega Bass Fishing~any%~Fuzzyness
TimeSplitters 2~Story easy~Jangbang~50
Catherine~Any% Normal~Cerberusguns
Super Mario 64~120 Star~Flippy_o~125
Azure Striker Gunvolt~Any% Speedrun Mode~Coolkid
Mighty Gunvolt~Any% Gunvolt~IrregularJinny~30
Mega Man ~Any% ~Dxtrslab
Mega Man Zero ~Any% (Easy)~IrregularJinny~35
Portal 2~Any% Co-op~Drastnikov + Noizeeh
Pokémon Red/Blue~Any% NSC~360Chrism~30
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask~All Masks~thiefbug
Final Fantasy VII~Any%~Cereth~490
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth~7 Characters to the Chest~ProblemsIRL
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect~Story Mode HARD~Jangbang~110
Doom~E1-3 UV-speed~Noobest
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time~Any% 2 Player 1 Controller~Linkus7 & Paradox~40
Pikmin~All Parts~360Chrism
Heroes of Might and Magic II~Full campaign (Roland)~Edenalsda~130
Shadowgate~Glitched Any%~Niss3
Ninja Gaiden~Any%~Dxtrslab~25
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos~Any%~IrregularJinny
Blaster Master~Any% (PAL)~SethCharleon vs coolkid~25
Castle of Illusion HD~Any%~MaxieTheHatter
World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck~Any% Donald~Edenalsda~30
Super Smash Bros. Melee~All Events~Fuzzyness
Super Mario 64~70 Star~Biinny vs Fuzzyness~65
Metroid: Zero Mission~100%~Makvaerk~85
Super Mario 64~0/1 Star~360Chrism