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Dreamhack Winter 26-29 November
A long time waiting, but I can finally confirm DHW15 speedrun marathon is happening :-D

The main speedrun schedule will run 15 hours each day with the last scheduled run starting before 1am. Overnight will be the 'bonus stream' where we can show off other unusual categories and games!

There is a complimentary package available to people signing up to take part in the speedrunning exhibition area. We can cover your entry and mass housing costs if you are prepared to take full part in our event.


Please first confirm your attendance by signing up here:


Once you have done that, please submit as many runs/categories as you like via the following:


Submissions will remain open provisionally up until October 18, with a schedule published before November. Please confirm your attendance in this thread when submitting as we only have a short amount of time to stream. If you are coming you should have at least one run scheduled. We will close signups if it looks possible that people attending will not get a chance to run.

Please fill in the form once per run being submitted. If you’re submitting a race (up to 2 player vs) then please agree this with your buddy and then submit only once. We’ll endeavour to include as many people as possible in the main stream.

The atmosphere at DHW is relaxed and I encourage you to submit the categories that are the most fun to show off.

Chat group
We have a #DHW15 group chat in the ESA discord group. You can join that group with this invite code 🙂

We need capable volunteers to keep a handle on the speedrunning stream. Anyone who is available for the full event should contact Planks for the additional details, particularly if you've helped at a past ESA.


Plan to arrive as early as possible on Thursday 26 Nov. The stream will start in the afternoon on this day.
Plan to depart around 12pm Sunday 29 Nov. There is no activity on this day, only packing and cleaning.

Mass housing will be available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only. If you need to arrive early or depart late you must book a hotel in or around Jonkoping.

ESA owns a number of airbeds that should be available. Details later. Please bring your own if you can so that those travelling from far are able to use the ones available.

Stream Location?

A storage area will be made available for personal belongings.

Dreamhack provide a full travel Q&A on their website

Best Choice: Gothenburg Landvetter and direct coach (see swebus below).
Second choice: Copenhagen Kastrup and train to Jonkoping Centrum.

Jonkoping is 1 change from Gothenburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen on the trains. You can then take local bus 1 to Elmia or a taxi (approx 10 eur). has prices and timetables.

Swebus provide buses directly to Dreamhack from the following points. Use ‘Dreamhack Elmia’ as your destination to check availability with the promotion code 'DHW2015':
Stockholm, Södertälje, Nyköping, Norrköping, Linköping, Mjölby, Ödeshög, Gränna, Ulricehamn, Borås, Göteborg, Karlstad, Kristinehamn, Gullspång, Mariestad, Skövde, Tidaholm, Mullsjö, Gränna, Värnamo, Markaryd, Örkelljunga, Helsingborg, Lund and Malmö

Swebus also run services to Jönköping station where you can take a local bus/taxi.

Swebus buses all have power points and free wifi.

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Submissions are now closed. Thanks for the last minute rush!

There should be a 'public draft' of the schedule up by the end of the week to check for any changes that need to take place before the event itself.


Confirming my attendance. DreamHacks are fun 🙂

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Can confirm I'm going, as part of a school trip. Will be fun.


I'll be attending.
Looking forward to vidya games and good times!


Going again, can't wait for another fun round of DH speedruns with everyone 🙂


I'll almost definitely be there. Last year was great fun. Can't wait 😃


I'm mainly going for Smash, but I'd definitely submit a couple of games for this as long as they don't overlap with smash. Could you elaborate a bit on the complimentary package? Should I not buy an event pass?


The comp deal is only available if you're signing up to take part in the speedrun group.. We can't guarantee to be able to work around smash, and if you're there only for smash then you're not entitled to one.


Alright, thanks for the quick reply. I understand not being able to work around other events. I'd still like to sign up and hope for the best anyway. If you feel that's too troublesome, I imagine you can always just cut whatever game I sign up with early.

I'll at the very least be watching a lot of it - this'll be my first dreamhack so I'm really looking forward to the whole experience.

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Looked up travel costs and it's very cheap, gonna see if I can get the time off work and go.

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Planks, Whats your skype?


Also, I'll be attending! 😃
Can't wait ❤️


Looked up travel costs and it's very cheap, gonna see if I can get the time off work and go.

Yeah I just booked flights to Copenhagen for 50 quid. Decent


If you're using SweBus you might want to check the prices to Jönköping instead of Elmia.
It might end up being much cheaper, but you'll have to go 10 minutes by bus or grab a cab.
Should be cheaper either way.

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What's the opinion of using powerpacks/everdrive for runs?


No problem

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Ill look into attending, was fun last year. All depends on uni and I guess mostly travelling there.


There's a pretty good chance I'll have time to (and I want to) attend for a couple of days before I leave the country on the 29th. Should I sign up just in case?


Yeah, put your name down and submit runs then let us know before the submission deadline what your plans are.