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It's the same story as last time!

SIGNUP HERE It's really important

Submit 1 game submission per run category (links below) and book travel now for best deals 😉

Dreamhack Summer Sat 18 June 2016 - Tues 21 June 2016

Speedrunning is returning to Dreamhack Summer in 2016 with a second Pre-ESA event! This marathon will be a hybrid live/online event with the opportunity for live runners to take part in races with online opponents and with scheduled online-only blocks to allow the speedrun attendees to experience the rest of Dreamhack to it's fullest!

Submissions are being taken via one of two google forms depending on the part of the marathon you want to take part in. There is no hard deadline for submission but we request you respect a soft deadline of 21 May, a month before the event. Late submissions may be accepted, but we'll be in the process of making a schedule.

As a rule of thumb, we are aiming for 16 hours of live runs each day, with 8 hours handled like an online marathon. Runs/races can be submitted up to 2 live players and 2 online players each.

[Form 1 - Run submissions for live or live/online hybrid runs and races](
[Form 2 - Run submissions for online-only runs and races](

Anyone who previously submitted via the spreadsheet has had their details moved to the new forms.

View submitted runs here

As with previous Dreamhack Speedrun marathons, we can cover your entry and mass housing costs if you are prepared to take full part in our event. Do not book a general admission ticket!

Please sign up using the signup link if you are planning on attending

There is a discord group for chat about the event, [find the ESA Discord / Pre-ESA at Dreamhack group here](

Accomodation arrangements
Plan to arrive as early as possible on Saturday 18 June. The stream will start in the afternoon on this day.
Plan to depart around 12pm Tuesday 21 June. There is no activity on this day, only packing and cleaning.

Mass housing will be available on Saturday, Sunday and Monday only. If you need to arrive early or depart late you must book a hotel in or around Jonkoping. You should bring your own sleeping equipment, an airbed, pillow and sleeping bag are reccomended. Limited airbeds might be available to borrow by prior arrangement and on request.

We will need some volunteers to help run the online portion of the event. See Edenal for details 🙂

Dreamhack provide a full travel Q&A on their website

Best Choice: Fly to Gothenburg Landvetter and then take a direct coach (see Swebus below).
Second choice: Fly to Copenhagen Kastrup and then book a train to Jonkoping Centrum.

Jonkoping is one change from Gothenburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen, has prices and timetables.. Upon arriving at Jonkoping Centrum you should go up the escalator, cross the footbridge to the main square and take local bus 1 to Elmia (cash accepted). Alternatively, a taxi from the station is about €10.

Swebus provide buses directly to Dreamhack from the following points. Use ‘Dreamhack Elmia’ as your destination to check availability with the promotion code 'DHS2016':
Stockholm, Södertälje, Nyköping, Norrköping, Linköping, Mjölby, Ödeshög, Gränna, Ulricehamn, Borås, Göteborg, Karlstad, Kristinehamn, Gullspång, Mariestad, Skövde, Tidaholm, Mullsjö, Gränna, Värnamo, Markaryd, Örkelljunga, Helsingborg, Lund and Malmö

Swebus also run many extra services to Jönköping Centrum from where you can take a local bus or taxi.

Swebus buses all have power points and free wifi.


Is there a deadline for submissions?


Asking a soft deadline of 21 May but there's wiggle room if anyone can't work out time off etc before then.


Are submissions gonna be public?


Yup, I've added a link in the OP


I know this is a technical nightmare, but how interested would you be in a half online, half in person race?

If JangBang is interested, I think a Mighty Switch Force! race would be pretty neat.


I think one race has been submitted like that. It should be fine to do but i'd double check with Planks or Edenal.


TonyOgbot: Sure, that's no problem. We've done it before!


Ok so we have a kinda first draft ish schedule but Edenal is going to burn out if he does every single run. Would love a couple more takers to come to the event and speedrun 🙂


Sadly I'm not a runner otherwise i would have even suggested myself, and I higley doubt neviutz will join in so I can't even suggest him.


I'll take a look at what else I run. Can't guarantee there will be anything good though. ;-;


Apologies for late signup, I didnt know it was up

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When do we get to know if we get our submissions accepted or not?


Schedule soon¤

¤this week

¤you're good if you're coming


Any more info on the airbeds? May need to borrow one if there is one available.

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First draft schedule up

This might change a bit as people confirm availability

If you need us to buy you an airbed we can pick you up one in advance. I can pm you paypal details.


I'm totally ok with my timeslot
Glory of Heracles still with 100% reject rate 😃

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360chrism and me are arriving at 1:50pm in gothenburg, so we probably won't make it to the runs scheduled.
Is there a way to have them at a different point that day (Or another day)?

Oh, I also need an airbed 😛 (Edenal should know that already)

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I will be dropping out of the race with Half instead I would like to commentate for the run if at all possible

Edit: Also I would like for it to show Plague Knight Any% instead of just Any%