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Hi all,

Many of you may be familiar with the SRL Mystery Tournament. I'll be attending DreamHack this year, and I'm curious if any attendees would be interested in joining a tournament with the same general idea, only in person, and on a much smaller scale.

The basic idea is that it's a series of blind or semi-blind races, based on a large pool of NES/SNES games. People pair up in 1v1 matches, and randomly draw from this pool of games. Whoever finishes the goal first moves to the next round of the tournament.

Tournament format:
- Capped at 8-12 entrants
- Single elimination, except the final matchup which is best of 3.
- Coordinated through
- I would create a list of 40-50 semi-obscure NES & SNES games (We don't need entrants to submit games. Let's keep it simple).

- Monday 6/15, starting around 12pm10am CET.
- Total time should be 2.5-5.5 hours depending on how the games go, so I'd expect to be wrapped up by 6pm at the latest.. This is based on:
10 pre-finals matchups, but 2 can happen simultaneously, so 5 "sessions" total. 15-30m playing + 10m setup per round + some buffer = 2-4h.
Best of 3 finals. 15-30m playing + 10m initial setup = .5h - 1.5h

- I'd like to have 4 stations up at a time, so we can have 2 matches going simultaneously. To make it easy, we can have 2 laptops with SNES gamepads and their respective adapters.
- To accomplish this, we need the following. We already have most of this: bolded means we still need it.
2 laptops (HAVE 2 from Edenal)
2 TVs (HAVE 2 from Edenal)
2 NES, with A/C and A/V cables (HAVE 2 from Edenal)
2 NES flashcart, loaded with all games (HAVE 2 from Grukk/Edenal)
2 NES controllers (HAVE 2 from Edenal I think)
2 SNES or SFC, with A/C and A/V cables (HAVE 2 from Edenal)
2 SNES flashcart, loaded with all games (HAVE 2 from Maxie/Edenal)
4 SNES controllers (HAVE 4 from Edenal/Blechy/Maxie)
2 SNES-USB cable (HAVE 2 from Blechy)

If we can't get the last SNES-USB cable, we can use Edenal's 360 pad. But we really need 1 NES & 1 SNES flash cart with all games loaded, if someone is willing to lend theirs.

These are always fun, so please let me know if you'd be interested in joining and we'll get it going!

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Sign me up, could be good with a brake from teching.
I'll bring my snes controller, you can use that


Sounds fun, I'd be up for joining if everything is set up and ready to go without me doing any work from home 😉


Sign me up!

Right now I'm lending my mayflash SNES to USB-controller adapter to a friend. But I'm sure I can have it back for a weekend.

I have 2 retroUSB NES -> USB-controller adapters if needed.

Just link/send me the roms and I'll add them to my Everdrive.


im down, sounds like fun


Great! Excited to see so much interest.
I've created a challonge bracket here: When you get the chance, please sign up.


Just to make it official, we have enough entrants, so we're on! Additionally, we're going to show the full tournament on the stream. To fit it into the schedule, the tournament is now taking place on 6/15 at 10am CET. Edenal ordered NES & SNES flash carts last week which we're expecting to arrive in time, so we should be all set for equipment.