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Any thoughts as either an attendee or viewer please leave them here! 😃


It was fun, tech was smooth, I enjoyed it, area was fucking great, loved it, gonna try to attend dhw16 as well, don't think I've any real complaints but hey I'm an easy going guy maybe someone else'll hit you with that constructive criticism


I think it would be cool if viewers on-site could get to participate. Like "King of the hill" kind of competitions or challanges against speedrunners (not full runs but maybe a stage or a certain elemtent of a game). That is something I believe would increase the on-site attendence and overall interest for speedrunning. At the same time it also could provide the online audiance with something new and exciting!

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I would have been nice to get accurate bitrates to stream to the marathon , my run and a lot of others had buffering issues. I was streaming at 3k which was fine according to the streaming guide


I really enjoyed this event. Tons of cool people and also a wr which is always hype. Didnt seem to be any technical issues AFAIK. 9/10. Could have more memes


Tech was good to reach in discord. Hope this stays for ESA (+host station). But a name change from esacapture to esatech would be easier to recognize. Maybe a guide for the new donation tracker would be nice.

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Competitions are something that can be borne in mind for the future, Dreamhack certainly has good public interaction opportunities that the main ESA doesn't

The bitrates suggested were purely advisory. If your connection isn't good enough drops will happen! We trust runner's judgement to know their own limitations and set up accordingly.

I'll never force a meme. They just need to happen.

I'm glad we felt accessible. Even with discord open on 3 pcs it is hard to prioritise it over actual setup in the venue. After we have some changes made to the tracker we won't need off site access so its all good.

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Whoops forgot to leave some feedback. I don't really have any negative feedback for the event, everything from what I could tell ran very smoothly and to plan. I would possibly recommend maybe 1-2 more practice TV's if possible next time since there were points where no TV's were available (3 TV's from what I can remember). Apart from that the event was great and I had an amazing time hanging out with you guys! 🙂