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I'm making this new thread so that there is a place on this site to announce and discuss changes. Most of the talk will happen on Discord, but I'd like to keep a secondary record here.

Recently I took over as moderator after @KerngesundKerngesund stepped down and @speedwerdspeedwerd was inactive. In the time since there have been a few changes to this page.

First, there is now a Drakengard Speedrun Discord server which is led by @MASHMASH and I (mainly MASH). The hope is for it to be an easier entry point to the game(s) and serve for more casual conversation.

Second, I've uploaded a save file which has maxed out everything, including the bloodstained intoner garb. I plan to add details on usage soon, but it's not too complicated. I've also made a copy of Kerngesund's [A] route guide which I will keep unmodified and in the original guide for now. Any changes made will be put under a different link in the same guide.

Third, we are looking to have a functioning discord bot within to help with general things and useful functions. At the moment the bot is working but is very bare bones while things are being worked on. Once it is at a point where it will be useful, it will be online 24/7. Fingers crossed.

Last, there have been talks of adding IL runs soon. Hopefully that will get fleshed out in the coming weeks. I'm hoping that IL runs will lead to more optimized routes for the full game, as well as a way to be involved without committing multiple hours.

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Individual Levels are currently being added, This post will be edited to notify once this has been established at set up and everything is concrete enough that submitting runs should things change in the future or be added will hopefully not orphan any runs already submitted. If a level is not listed there will be an option to submit them if they are "Not-Listed".

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