Beat the Game in 31m 29s by petracidepetracide - 2nd place

Played on Super Game Boy 2 [USA] on

Submitted by petracidepetracide on

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Name Duration Finished at
Dragon Trouble 1m 31s 000ms 1m 31s
Lord Felton 2m 34s 000ms 4m 05s
Long Lost Brothers 4m 57s 000ms 9m 03s
A Revolting Woman 3m 14s 000ms 12m 17s
Friendly Dragon 3m 51s 000ms 16m 09s
Swamp People 3m 44s 000ms 19m 54s
The Revolt 5m 55s 000ms 25m 49s
King Einon 5m 40s 000ms 31m 30s
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