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I've been interesting in running this game for a while now, and none of the categories really catch my eye, but i've been practicing a All Psychopaths run for a few days. and i think it's a fun killing all the psycho's quickly, along with the waiting times of course(Kappa).So could this possibly be an added category?


That'd just be another memey auto-scroller category like 72 Hour Mode. Because the whole game is on a timer the only way to save time would be to minimize load screens and cutscenes, which doesn't make for a good speedrun. If you want to you could still do an All Psychos run and submit it as 72 Hour but there's no need to have a separate category for it.

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We used to have an All Psychopath category but it died pretty quick cause it's not a speedrun, just an autoscroller.

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