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I'd like to request that Highspirits be added as a high level game moderator so that this board can be changed to reflect what the community has discussed and wants for DQXI speedrunning.

The fact is that this board was not created by anyone from within the Dragon Quest community, who regularly play and discuss these games on our discord server. Because of this, many runners have not submitted times here, nor have all the currently posted times followed generally accepted speedrun RTA rules.

I'd also like to invite everyone to our DQ discord server https://discord.gg/v36pJSD so they can also discuss and contribute to the game.

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Went ahead and supermodded Highspirits and friends. Thought he was already, didn't realize series mods were not mods for this one.

I've supermodded you guys on the whole series before so you can set it up according to what the community wants. Not sure why anyone would think that would stop now. If there's an issue in the future I can help out with hit me up and I'll sort it out.

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I tweaked the mods a little bit to generally go by what was being requested by the main runners/other mods of the series, due to many inconsistencies with the current ruleset/listed runs and how DQ normally operates. That is, lowered BnH to a standard mod, and I also lowered Dreamboum to a standard just because he appears to be pretty inactive (5 months at the time of this post).

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Sounds good, thanks for your help.


any ideas of what will happen to this leaderboard with the new switch definitive edition?? I might run it when im done playing it


Platforms are subcategories already, this would be the same thing. Only difference is how big the difference between versions is here of course, since you have 2D mode and battle animation speed to work with


Switch will be its own category most likely. It has cutscene skip, increased battle speed, and 2D mode which significantly changes the game (by several hours).