Turbo Controller Ruling Change

Per a discussion and survey held in the DQRTA Discord server last month, we've updated the rules for the following English-language Dragon Quest games to allow the use of turbo controllers:

Dragon Warrior IV (NES)
Dragon Warrior I (GBC)
Dragon Warrior II (GBC)
Dragon Warrior III (GBC)
Dragon Warrior Monsters (GBC)
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 (GBC)
Dragon Warrior VII (PS1)
Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)
Dragon Quest XI (All Platforms)
Dragon Quest I (Switch)
Dragon Quest II (Switch)
Dragon Quest III (Switch)

Allowing turbo, at least for systems that have controller ports, will be the default/standard going forward for RPG-style Dragon Quest games, but all games are still free to change their own rules by runner consensus. Games that have have new manipulations or glitches made RTA-viable due to the allowance of turbo may have new categories created.

A summary of the community discussion and survey results can be found in the DQRTA Discord's #announcements channel. The general response was overwhelmingly positive, except for runners of NES 1-3 (still positive, but not overwhelmingly), so those games are currently the exception to the new standard. The more traditional RPG games were the focus of the conversation, so other spinoffs were not changed, and the (3)DS games were left alone due to there being no easy way to play with turbo on-console.