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So due to lack of a forum for the game, what endings did you get?

I got a seemingly good one, where it told me that I don't need the planets anymore and should rebuild the world as it once was. However that's all it told me. Literally just a black screen with a voice for 15 seconds until the credits rolled.

I'm also a little interested in the different endings. I tried to collect pretty much everything (75% completed on everything minimum) as I played through the game without really nitpicking every corner and this is what I wound up with.

I'm also curious whether it's the collection/completion part of the game that triggers the different endings, or if there's something more to it.

I didn't really explore the first two artifact worlds with all three planets so not sure something else could have triggered there. Thinking of it I should go back and see if there are any new cutscenes with the turtle etc.

And a small sidenote: Where does the old man live? I never got to sell him anything even though there's a skill for it.

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What ending did you get? [SPOILERS]
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