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Thread: Way to change order of games on profile page?

Started by: dosboxfalcodosboxfalco

I am primarily a Ghouls 'n Ghosts speedrunner, but it's currently below a 58th place NES Tetris time.

That irks me. Is there any possible way I can change the order of the games for that to appear on the bottom?


Forum: Vynathon

Thread: Welcome to Vynathon! Discord link inside.

Started by: dosboxfalcodosboxfalco

Hello there! Welcome to Vynathon's Discord page. For the uninitiated, Vyn is a speedrunning friend of all of us who set up this page, so we're setting up the marathon for him.

If you'd like any more information or want to shitpost about the event, please come to our Discord server:

We look forward to your arrival!


Forum: Shovel Knight

Thread: Leaderboard Suggestions

Started by: OddBodOddBod

can attest that this is a problem, uploaded a PB to horace and a PB to co-op because of a hand slip

mods pls