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I can't read the game, streams, forums and more at the top maybe change them to black like the rest of the text? I just don't want other people to struggle reading them like I have 🙂 especially if someone struggles more with reading comes along than I do 😊 thank you for reading and sorry for such a strange request 0-0

a lot of things on this page are really hard to read but I feel that the top bar is the hardest because they are both white 😊

  Super Modprotomagicalgirl

Unfortunately, the theme for the Doraemon series overrides any settings I can make regarding individual game theme. In addition to being highly inaccessible, I frankly think it's pretty ugly, but oh well.

If you go to and check the "Override Custom Themes" box, you can enforce a theme across the whole site that works better for you - I recommend the SpeedRunsLive theme!

In the meantime, I'll see about fixing the Doraemon series theme. I apologize for the difficulty 🙁


Sorry about that. Feel free to make any other requests for board changes.
Also, if anyone else feels like taking responsibility they can become an admin for the series.

  Super Modprotomagicalgirl

I make no plans to run other Doraemon games, but I'd be happy to help manage the series.


oh okay, I see ^^ well I can read the top now as its black so it's good 🙂 thank you for helping I really do appreciate it 😊 I like running gb games so I was looking into this and noticed that 😃 thank you again