Rejected due to the trivial nature of the game and didn't beat actual Real Time Record (12:16.170)


I'll post this here because the previous videos was deleted. (I'm CatlyNat, lot's has happened that caused me to change usernames so many times lol)

This version is modified at the end so that it has a better comparison to RTA timing. Ends input on the last A press required to reach the "We did it!" screen asap.

This is the exact same TAS as the submission, and with inputs after the last required input, this TAS beats the RTA World Record by ~13 seconds. It was never rejected for not beating the RTA world record.

The TAS could maybe be improved by a frame or two, I don't care enough to look into it lol.


Good shit. Does changing the lane in sidescrollers actually change the speed?


It probably doesn't, but I can check it out. There was one part where changing the lane upwards actually lags the game for a single frame (from Russia to China car segment), so there is that random, small optimization.- LOL this thread was made by Bluely. Hi o/

I looked and it seems that there is not a single speed up when changing the lane. You can truly do nothing except for not moving upwards from Russia to China. Sorry for late reply lol, I didn't have this game followed so I never checked back.