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I have the BFG version on steam PC. Am i supposed to submit a run to here since it says BFG or to ultimate doom?

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I would assume Ultimate Doom since that covers all PC versions

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PC board would likely accept the BFG version for PC. If it has a WAD file available, you can load Doom into another source port for better results also (demo recording, and SR50 capabilities)

This board is soley for these particular versions:

Original Xbox with Doom 3 collectors edition.

Xbox 360 port of Ultimate Doom for Xbox Live Arcade, first release in 2006, and republished by bethesda in 2012. This is also available on the BFG disc for the respective home consoles (PS3, 360).

The Xbox 360 port is backwards compatible on xbox one.

The PS3 version of Ultimate Doom available on PSN, titles "Doom Classic Complete"

As stated, No SR50 capabilities was the main focus for giving these particular versions their own board, and most use the same build from the original Xbox version as a base. Some mechanics work differently, and result in slower times compared to its PC counter part, but there are a few differences for this reason then just controls.

Good luck on the future runs! 🙂

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Yeah i might try and use Crispy Doom, thanks for the response 😃

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