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Hello everyone. I was modded here after initial moderation "crew" of this leaderboard has been unmodded or just went away.
As moderator for Doom series on srcom I'll be straight with you here: this leaderboard was created without my notice and there's no way it would've gone past me for few reasons:
- This is unofficial mod for doom (of which there are obvious thousands) and doesn't belong to due to being impossible to maintain consistent with (which still is and always was main speedrunning hub for doom).
- Main doom speedrunning hub is still dsda/doomworld, so creating alternative leaderboards elsewhere always poses simple question: "What is source of truth?" And due to this reason Ultimate Doom and Doom II on srcom have very limited amount of categories, for A ) simplicity; B ) consistency.
- While there are few other wads on srcom (like scythe), their support as of right now has ceased and their future is being discussed with website moderation crew.

It is important to note that creating one leaderboard means that others are allowed aswell, but in case of doom and general modifications - it just goes for too long and there's already a website that hosts all the runs with universal set of rules (which I can see breached here from simply reading this 3-line ruleset and resulting times). And having this inconsistency across multiple instances of these leaderboards is simply non-productive.

If you still want to run nuts.wad - have at it: Submissions to dsda happen through doomworld forums by posting your demo files in corresponding thread (note that non-WR submissions go into its own PB thread).

For a time being no runs will be accepted for this leaderboard until it is decided what to do with it. I'm open to your questions.

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Hi, former super here. I would look to say some things about these leaderboards from my time moderating them.
These boards were accepted all the way back in 2018, hence why it isn’t in the doom series. It originally went through a couple people (most of which gone inactive) before ending up in my hands. I obtained this back when I collected mod roles (which I no longer do) and then when I didn’t want it anymore I gave it to @QuivQuiv.
At the time I knew there was a specific website for doom Speedrunning, but I didn’t really know there were leaderboards there for this. With that knowledge, I feel like a leaderboard deletion would be a good idea, as a it does rule out inconsistencies. However, if there are multiple other leaderboards for unofficial leaderboards like this, then maybe they could put into a different series? Like a custom wad series? I’m not confident with that solution however as I don’t know how it would effect doomworld, so I think the former option would be best.
That is pretty much my input on this. I don’t mod here anymore so I don’t really have a say in anything. Well then, take care.

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Speaking of custom wad series - that is exactly what we are trying to solve now as it doesn't help having all these wads and trying to maintain them.
What we CAN do and are looking into doing though, is Doom Modification series, since those aren't accepted by dsda and generally can have whatever rules they can (things like Brutal Doom, Total Chaos and other total conversions).


Ye that makes sense.

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