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there should be a ''No Ladder Glitch Category'' or ''any% glitchless'' it doesnt matter how short or easy the glitch is there should be a catagroy for how the game was intended to be played.

-Game B
Game B may seem exactly the same to Game A but it increases difficulty of the game so i think it should be counted as a different category

-Loop 5
doing 5 loops of this game is very fun and i feel that there should be a slightly longer category so this would be a really fun category to run

Heres my runs for most these categories and i hope all or most of these get added

Game A Glitches (5 Loop)-

Game B Glitches (1 Loop)-

Game B Glitchless (1 Loop)-

Game A Glitchless (1 Loop)-

i can see glitchless and maybe 5 loop not being a category but game B should be

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I agree with your category suggestions, though I'm not a moderator and can't add them, I do think that those would provide more variety and could provide more fun to speedrun this game.

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Absoloutley. Been thinking about glitchless and 5 loops since i started playing donkey kong, never thought abot game b so thats a smart idea too! although i think about 5 loops splicing together different loops might be a problem! Im gonna go ahead and make my own runs of this too, i hope these get added! @hirexenhirexen

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Hi there. I was not tagged but i am a mod as well here.

Anyway, we talked a lot of times.about the glitchless category and we decided not to add a category for One single glitch in a 1 minute long game.

But i agree on game b, that should be One. I Will add It as soon as possible.

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Yay! Also, i wanted to @ you but i could not i think because of the emote, so i instead ated the other mod

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Sorry, missed all messages in this topic somehow. Anyway, going back to topic about 3 categories:
-as said, glitchless was discussed earlier and it's just not enough to make new category

-5 loops is just arbitrary category (can be 3,4,6.. etc instead of it), so shouldn't belong to main board. '1 loop' in the name of main category is there just ot make it clear.

-after some research, I can cofirm, that we should add Game B. Although, level 1 is the same, rest is different, so it gives enough variety to short 1 min game. Level 3 can have the same route in both cases, however it's less probable for B, due to 4 flames on screen instead of 2. Most importantly, optimal route in level 2 is faster in Game B, since , if you happen to get good flame and spring pattern, level can be completed without stopping before spring at all, which is impossible in case of Game A.

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