What's the story here?
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What's the story here?
New Jersey, USA

Can someone explain to me what's going on with this game and how the ladder glitch works? All I have to go by is the WR video and the run comments of a few people.

Thanks :)

California, USA

You have to be like 1 pixel from the left of the first ladder. It's very specific but if you get it, you skip basically the whole first stage.

New Jersey, USA

Is there a specific reason why 1:08 is kind of the recent threshold that no one can get beyond? Is it just difficult to put together a good run after nailing the ladder glitch?

New York, USA

It's fairly easy to get that time, but improving it requires you to get good RNG in the final stage as well as perform one or more frame perfect tricks.

New Jersey, USA

Cool, thanks for the info.

Do you by chance know if the GBA version is the exact same game and if the glitch still works? I've been looking into games that I can practice on a handheld.

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