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Hello everyone.

I love this game since I played it when I was a kid.
Lately, I had the chance to obtain the original cart, and I've been playing it.
I was wondering, we should define some basic rules about the game.
I don't think this game will get really popular or whatever, however, we should define them, for safety sake.

I suggest:
1. Timing starts at the Press Start prompt. and ends at the last hit in the last boss.
2. Only the original Japanese language version admitted (don't use the translated version or Mario 8 for timing issues).
3. Video required for any run.

What do you think?

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1. I think grabbing the potion is fair, as that is what is required to end the game. You can hard lock the game if the boss is in the wrong position, putting the potion too far off screen.

2. I agree that for consistency's sake we should only allow the original rom.

3. I mean... yeah?

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