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Thread: 2min+ skip possible in Zanat's lab

Started by: 8beat8beat

Hey, that sounds awesome !

I don't have any immediate plans of going back to run this game, but if I do I'll definitely take that into account (and even in the meantime, if other people start running the game they can benefit from this).

Thanks a lot for the tip !


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Thread: Framerate variations

Started by: dodo41811dodo41811

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After discussion with JulianRiko, I've been appointed moderator for this game, so took the liberty to split the runs in the 2 categories mentioned above (30 and 60 FPS).

Runs over 60 FPS will be rejected. Therefore, I also deleted my own runs (will post some new ones within the rules).

See the Guides section for more information.


Forum: Atlantis: The Lost Tales

Thread: Framerate variations

Started by: dodo41811dodo41811

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So I thought my runs on GoG version were at 60 FPS like Shiin's was, but after taking a closer look I realized my game was a bit faster.
I don't know how much it was exactly (probably around 80, not a huge diff), since natively the game framerate seems to default based on your hardware.

This looks like it could be an issue since the framerate is never capped for the GoG version, and so is virtually limitless (to test, I managed to raise it up to 160+ FPS...). Now for this game the gameplay difference might not seem huge for the most part once you get past a certain framerate (since it's mostly clicking speed), but it can still be a big advantage for things such as the crab races as the crab movement speed seems to differ based on that.

That would mean that not everyone would play on equal terms, and some people would be advantaged for having a better hardware or tuning up their game.

Things are different, of course, on the Extended Cut version where the game is capped at 60 FPS (and can easily be set lower with a slider). The rest of us need something like DxWnd (I added a guide), but I still think it's worth it to make sure it's fair for everyone.

Besides, I'm under the impression some people prefer running the game at 30 FPS (as it's kind of the "original" framerate).

So I just wanted to raise that issue to see if it was possible to adjust the rules and potentially create an additional category.

I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to have 2 categories, Any% 30 FPS and Any% 60 FPS, rejecting runs above 60 FPS. I know we aren't many to run this game, but having run on both 30 and 60 FPS I can tell you the game plays very differently and I think that justifies a new category.

Or, we could do nothing and leave it as is, unrestricted, but in that case anyone can just overclock their game to give themselves an advantage. I'm not sure that's very healthy competition.


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Thread: What is hard mode?

Started by: ArkhanLightArkhanLight

Probably a mistake, or something that was there by default