DLC's as a separate game?
8 years ago

Im writing this on behalf of the new DLC that has been released - Shipwrecked. This DLC adds a lot of new features to the game, even more than Reign of Giants did, and making yet another seperate categories just for the game will make the leaderboards look chaotic.

My proposal is that we might try to make RoG and SW as a different game, so that their leaderboards would be easier to understand. Seeing as both of the DLC's change the game drastically, this seems pretty obvious that they should be listed as seperate games.

Those who maybe lurk on DS forums, voice your opinion about this.

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That would work. Speedrun.com should have a DLC tab for video games to keep DLC Leaderboards.


I agree, that would make organizing a lot easier, especially for newer games that tend to have multiple DLC's that contains story and overall game changing features.

I will propose both RoG and SW as separate games once SW rolls out of early access.

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