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As the title sugests I wanted to share my version of the Mission 3 Skit without the Enemy Step ability. Obviously the only use (if any) would be in a new game run since you'd have the flight ability already and have no use for this.

If this is total junk, just delete it again, I have no poblem with it 🙂

Anyways here is the garbagefire of gameplay I have. Please don't mind the lac of skill. This is not the skill you are looking for 😛


nice skip.

just a tipp tho u dont need the sword you can just jump up from the enemy

we would love to see u post a run ^^ just be careful tho this isnt the definitive edition board as i say u playing the definitivev edition of the game =)



takes longer to do and doesn't save any time compared to the enemy step
doesn't save 2 points, as you still need to spend them at the start of M4 to get camera skip, and instead you're making it 2x osiris and 2x ability menuing => slower
even if you'll rotate yourself behind the enemy to save some hp, still takes more time


makes no sense, you have everything unlocked


I'm definitely late to the party, but did the Definitive Edition change around the upgrades?

On the original release, fully patched, by this point in the game you would have enough upgrade points to get Enemy Step. As for Angel Boost (flight), you don't get that ability until you grab that blue flower (which you used combat to skip to). This seems almost like a waste of time since you waste more time with the combat than any other upgrade would save in the long run.


im not sure but because of turbo red blue enemies etc. definitive has its own board