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I was asked to double check a section of Mr_Snawk's run by BRan_Belmont, specifically his Mission 15, because his holy water count did not add up for the griffon fight. The question came not in regards to whether Snawk could afford the buy, but whether or not he actually bought the proper amount of holy waters for the mission, given that he does not pick up any during the mission, so he would need to have 3 coming into the mission in order to optimally fight Griffon 3.

At Mission 12, Snawk has one holy water, which he uses to defeat Griffon 2. He does not buy anything on Mission 13, picks up the free holy water in the untimed section between Mission 13 and Mission 14, and only buys Vortex lvl2 on Mission 14. On Mission 15 is where things get inconsistent.

imgur album (pictures will be linked individually as well): https://imgur.​com/a/gdDC971

In the buy menu for Mission 15, Snawk's orb count starts at 3799:

and ends at 2269:

The audio cue for the holy water ( ) only goes off once, indicating he bought only one holy water, 700 orbs. He then buys one purple orb for 830 orbs. 700 + 830 = 1530. 3799 - 1530 = 2269.

However, once Snawk enters the mission, his orb count has decreased (last picture). It is now at 1569, which you can see when he drops out of vortex to enter the blue shield door:

This is inconsistent with the menu'ing that occurred because this orb count does not match up with what is seen before he enters the mission, even though the orbs in the menu clearly have stopped ticking down when they reach 2269. In regards to what could have been bought, the equation 2269 - 700 = 1569 indicates that this orb count reflects a second holy water purchase, even when only one holy water purchase occurred before the mission started.

Snawk picks up the red orb laying on the ground as he goes into the blue shield door, which turns his orb count into 1574. When he picks up the luminite, you can actually see his inventory with the 1574, and that he has 3 holy waters, not 2:

When he reaches Griffon 3, he uses the 3 holy waters and you can see that his orb count is still the same (1574):

This evidence indicates that Snawk segmented his run, but neglected to edit in the correct buy menu for Mission 15, and that the run is invalid for a Single Segment category. Good catch by BRan_Belmont to have this run double checked.

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On the upside, DMC1 just got its first TAS for the game Kappa