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Hey, I remember this game had a speedrunning discord server. I wanted to try and join it recently, but the link seems to be dead.

Was the server deleted? Or was just the invite link replaced for whatever reason? I'm curious since I wanted to learn more about the 100% runs and the Text Storage runs and I thought I'd join the server to try and ask about it, but since the server link was dead, that wasn't an option.


There was another user who seems to have gone and disappeared a while back. He removed his runs from the site and youtube, and I think he was responsible for the discord. I'm happy to pass the board along to others who are interested in handling the game. Until then it's just me here and I don't know much about LFoD outside of a glitchless 100% route. I'm sorry I can't be more of help.


Ah, I see. I actually noticed that as well. I remember he did hold a record in any% and then just vanished. Since the discord is now gone, I could try and help run one for the game since I do have some knowledge, I just can't seem to reproduce some of the glitches that that user was able to perform, but I guess I'll be able to find them via researching the game. Anyways, cheers for the response and have a nice day/night! 😃