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I would like to become a Moderator or a Verifier. I am a Moderator at How Smart are You? and a Verifier at Return to Riddle School. When I submit my runs after they are verified the run times are exactly the same as when I stopped my timer on


But when he submits his runs and they are verified, the run times are exactly the same as when he stopped his timer, so he must be a good moderator.

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Listen, if I'm not mod yet, you just popping up and saying you can mod isn't gonna make you mod Kappa

Besides, we also have 4 active mods

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But we could use a 5th mod because 5>4 Right? Lol


I can be a mod if you need 5 mods

  Super ModTheGlitched64

We'll all be mods. For the memes.

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can i have mod again?

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can has mod confirmed? PogChamp plz i has mod? WutFace does is have mod? Kreygasm

i es mod worthy yes i am good senpai master 420 blaze it final desunation waifu only gangsta edition watashi wa kawaii desu mod

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