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Thread: 2 Players 1 Controller 4:00:48 [VIDEO]

Started by: dkrefftdkrefft

Hi guys! A friend of mine came to visit me and we did something crazy that we'd talked about forever but due to the distance between us (I'm in Illinois and he's in California!) we've never been able to do it until now! We tried 2 players 1 controller. We didn't really intend it as a speedrun and our time is not amazing (Thanks Liquid!), but I have to say if you are a big fan of the game like we are I think you'll find this run interesting. As a side note, I have searched for some kind of record as to the fastest time in this category but it seems like there isn't one recorded anywhere? If anyone has any info on what the WR might be I'd be interested to know! Anyway, here's the run, we did it on my wife's Twitch channel!