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When I was a kid, I couldn't unlock the space levels because I simply didn't know how to beat Wizpig.

However, sometimes when I played, I suddenly had the space levels unlocked in the "tracks" section in the lobby - WITHOUT unlocking it. When I went to "adventure", the balloon was blue instead of the normal yellow balloon and I could access the space levels in the adventure gameplay. When I quit the game, everything went back to normal (the space levels were gone).

This happened maybe 3 or 4 times, and I have no idea why. How could I suddenly get access to the space levels without unlocking it?

I hope you understand, I explained it as good as I could. Has anyone encountered this bug/glitch? I tried to look for it on Google, but I couldn't find anyone who experienced it.

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i know, it's the ABSOLUTE wrong-est place, you could ever choose...but there was simply no other way to contact you, Kenpet! because your sm64-thread was locked, i have an answer-extension for you right here now: very interesting, have fun 🙂


WOW! I been searching for threads regarding about this game glitch and yours happened to be the one i just came across. This has happened to me as a kid. The Future Fun land levels in the track selection screen were "unlocked" and i played all of them. However, once i turned off the game the Future Fun land levels were gone. It's great to see that i wasn't the only one experience this fun glitch.


you're describing this glitch


Happened several times to me too! Each time I was always afraid my data has been corrupted and lost, but a good reset fixes it. Not sure why this is a thing though.