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hey people, i'd like to become a mod for this game on here,
I've been waiting for a verification on my run for quite a while now, and I'm planning to go further in this game.

Thanks in advance


Hey I'm really sorry about this! I've been travelling the last few weeks and have only just got home as of yesterday, so I'm spending today catching up on things. That run is now verified.

As for being a mod though, not a blight on you at all but I'm going to say no for now, if for no other reason than even if you do continue to improve most communities consider self-verifying your runs bad form. The good news is now I know to keep an eye on this board. :>


oh, nevermind me then. I couldn't reach MBison on twitch, he has his whisper options disabled and someone told me you recently retired from speedrunning (?) , so I was afraid this LB is possibly dead lol

good shit, I have a lot of things going on and didn't necessarily mean to have more things to check, so I'm fine not being a mod haha
i just was scared you guys are not there or something, thanks for verifying the run, future ones will come soon.