accidentally added run to wrong DKC game
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accidentally added run to wrong DKC game

hey, recently did my first run upload, but added it as DKC any% run instead of a DKC2 any% run, could a mod please delete my entry? thanks

Hey depressingmeals! You can delete your run yourself. If you go to your run's page while logged in, you should see 3 vertical dots on the right, below where the video would go. If you select those vertical dots, you get the option to delete your own run.

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Cool, thanks @Anankoz!

Looks like there's a thing where I just have to wait for a certain amount of time before the option to delete shows up under the drop-menu on the run

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Mods can't actually delete runs, we only have an edit and reject option. If you can't delete the run in a few days just reply in this thread and I'll reject it