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This category was made both to provide a suitable category for new runners that might have trouble with the range of glitches in All Stages, as well as to offer a good alternative to the traditional categories for experienced runners. The following glitches are banned from the category:

- Backflip-grabbing the key
- Double-tumble glitch
- Basejumping
- Single-tumble invulnerability
- Walljumps (includes elevator jump in 0-3 and waterfall jump in 8-9)
- Clipping through ceilings, floors and walls (includes phaser clip, Crusher clip, elevator clip, Shovalot clip, frog clip...)
- IFGs (Infinite Fall Glitch, used in 5-6 in All Stages)
- Going out of bounds
- Extended handspring jumps off trampolines
- Letting DK Jr. out of his cage in 8-7

This list might not be complete and will be edited when needed. Please check back to review the list of glitches before submitting a run in this category.

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