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Hello everyone. I've recently launched a website which tracks speedrun history throughout time. Donkey Kong 64 is one of the very first games I've added, thanks to 2dos linking me to the Category WR Progression spreadsheet.

Here's a link to what I've set up so far:

As a complete outsider (I'm ashamed to admit that despite loving DK64 as a kid I've only ever watched a couple of runs in the last 5 years), a few of the terms used within the "New Tricks Found" column in that spreadsheet are a bit confusing. I'm ultimately wanting to be able to link users to discussions or documentation on whichever trick caused a significant time save, but a couple of them have turned up blank on Google.

Could you guys please describe or link me to what the following terms mean?

1. Orange Barrel Delay
2. "Controller Revolution"
3. King Kutout Kongs
4. Consistent Torch Clip (I couldn't find anything for "Torch Clip", let alone a consistent one!)
5. No Lanky Moves (is this simply the end of an arbitrary restriction imposed on the category?)

Also, could I please get some clarification on "Double Robot Push". Is this simply executing the Robot Push trick twice in one run, or is this a new trick? If its the former, is this a significant reroute?

Many thanks!

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1) I can't be too sure on what it means as it could be a couple things (So don't 100% take my word on this as it could mean the other thing).
However, back when 1-kong started, they used oranges to get into Helm which would mean doing Orange Barrel before you go into Helm. Nowadays, that route doesn't need oranges to get into Helm since we have a way to enter Helm without Oranges, so Orange Barrel is delayed until after Helm.

2) Basically when runners got new controllers and their times started improving purely down to the controller aspect (mainly the analogue stick)

3) A way of unlocking kongs. If you enter Kut Out, you'll start off with Lanky. If you pause exit out of King Kut Out, you'll be in Troff 'n' Scoff with Lanky, even if you haven't unlocked him. If you then enter a Tag Barrel, you have unlocked Lanky without having to shoot the switch in Llama Temple in Aztec. This works with all kongs. All you have to do is keep entering the wrong cannon in Kut Out until it presents you with the kong you want.
VIDEO (starts at 1:58)

4) There's a torch in the Cave in Jungle Japes which can push you out of bounds (Where Diddy's GB and 2 Bonus Barrels for Lanky and Tiny are). The old method was not consistent and involved a kick move to get the push.

The newer method involves doing an aerial attack backwards into the torch so it pushes you out (and is more consistent)

5) One of the old NLE routes was the FWG route. This involved getting all the guns at the start using a version of ISG known as Funky Weapons Glitch, however, unlike MMM, you didn't get all the moves (Aside from Simian Slam), and you could pause/save/die etc. Since you had to buy the moves for GBs to get, you obviously want to buy the least amount of moves (ie. Don't buy any unneeded moves). One of the later FWG routes was to buy no Lanky Moves from Cranky. You had to collect every Lanky GB that you would collect in the route moveless. Here was the route in case you were interested ( )

6) Double Robot Push is using Robot Push twice in a run. The NLE route was recently modified to cut out some slow GBs early game with a 3-Blueprint turn-in in Factory so that some faster GBs late-game could be added. So Factory was modified so you had to Hatch Skip (Which is an O Clip on N64, but the Robot Push on VC) twice. Once at the start with Lanky to open Tiny's Gate and Grab Lanky's Production Room GB, once after the void-out in Crusher Room to get to Snide's and access the Block Tower area without opening the gate.
Hope that helps!

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Brilliant, thank you very much for the quick response! I think what you've told me is perfect, but if any questions arise when I'm modifying the data I've got I'll ask in here.


Definitely, good luck with your project! 🙂


Just to further clarify on "Orange Barrel Delay"...

When 1 Kong was still relatively new RTA-wise, what we call "Lobby Kick" was unknown. This meant that the only known way to get Out of Bounds (including going through B. Locker) in Helm Lobby was an Orange Clip. The discovery of this Kick eliminated the need to use oranges through Helm, thus Orange Barrel was moved from the beginning of the run to during the ISG section. See video below for the original "Lobby Kick" and the improvement that was made later.

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Oh boy, this brings me back to SigNa grinding those runs with the helm lobby orange clip