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I was thinking about it, and wouldn't be great to have a category like in between any% and 101% ? Visiting all levels but not necessarely clearing the whole thing might be cool. What do you think ?


What are you defining as your suggested category?

If it's as literal as the title (beat the game as fast as possible, do not go OoB), then that's fine. But maybe some of your intention of the spirit of the category would be gone by the fact that you can clip through doors and not go Out of Bounds.
For example:
- You can phasewalk through the boss door to do bosses early instead of the moonkick/ledge clip/lower ftvw/lower phasewalk to skip going OoB
- You can clip through the K Rool door, crown door and coin door in Helm to get Key 8 without shutting down the Blast-o-matic/acquiring 4 crowns/acquiring the company coins.

Any% would still only enter Factory & Helm since every instance of out of bounds can be replaced with some other trick that doesn't go OoB at all (Lag clipping, phasewalking etc.)

However, if you remove those and say Any% "No OoB, no clipping through doors/b-lockers/barriers etc.", then as someone who has routed out this prior, it pretty much becomes glitchless with the occasional trick like bridge clip/dark room box clip.

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Don't get discouraged by the huge amount of glitches in this game, there are a lot of easy routes and tutorials for beginners. Honestly, playing with glitches is way better and more exciting than playing it glitchless, once you get used to them. It's an unique and amazing way to experience the game.

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I just want to add that NLE is a very fun category. Most of the glitches in this game (or at least in this route) are really easy to execute and I agree with BetoKos in the fact that glitches is what makes me still play this game to this day.

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Yo Ekin0x homie I promise you most of the daunting looking glitches are actually really easy with some practice. There are also plenty of beginner-friendly routes you can do that skip most of the hard stuff.

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I was actually not worried about the glitches, but more concerned about having a way to visit the game a bit more, without necessarily clearing the WHOLE thing. But all your comment make sense. Thanks for the replies 🙂

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