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Hi everyone. I really want to start speedrunning DK64. I'm just super worried about a couple things. 1, the game is so long and difficult for me but I really want to speedrun it. 2, the way I want to speedrun it is no glitches(Because they're too hard for me) except the glitch that allows you to go to the bosses without the color bananas(If it's possible on Wii U) and I worry I might become a burden or something to this community for wanting to speedrun the game that way. I've watched people speedrun this game a lot, mainly Hagginator, but it looks so fun and awesome and I want to be a part of this community. Got any words of advice or something? BTW pls don't encourage me to do glitches and also what category would fit the way I want to speedrun the game? And how do I skip the opening cutscene?

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There is a fair large amount of fun categories that are not available here on the SRC page that some people run. Here is the list ;


If you wish to sumbit to those leaderboards, you must first join the Discord and post your times there, as this is how the records get written in.

You shouldn't feel as a burden, most speedrunning communities are extremely welcoming to new players, and DK64's no exception.

I myself when I started running this game was doing exclusively 101% glitchless runs, but that was at an era where speedrunning was critically underdocumented and all there was available was one segmented run on Speeddemosarchives. Naturally I would advise against it because 101% glitchless takes an entire day, I think I'm the only one insane enough to still do that shit once a year. I guess Any% glitchless would be a good way to start learning basic movement, then work your way up to more challenging categories if you feel like you'd end up enjoying learning advanced techniques.

Best of luck

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There are separate glitchless categories on the document above, where you can be competitive, or you can utilize the routes for those to make your own runs. Sadly the glitchless categories aren't very popular, so avoiding glitches will mean the run is very different than what you see any streamers do.
You are ofc welcome to the community discord, invite link in the resource bar on the left if you haven't joined yet, and in there you can ask any questions regarding routing or advice for your runs. In the end, we're just a bunch of ordinary people playing a game we love for fun, and anyone is welcome to play the game however they wish. You also don't need to speedrun a game to be friends with the people playing it. We chat nonsense in the discord at times, hang out in twitch chat, personal discords servers etc. so you are very welcome to just hang out if you wish.
The only thing I'm gonna say about the glitches: most of them aren't nearly as difficult as you think. Skipping boss doors isn't even the easiest, so if you can manage that, you can manage whatever you wish to implement. You can play however you want, but if the only reason you don't want to even try glitches is difficulty, rest assured. If you wanna try something, we're all there to help, even if you just wanna mess around with stuff. Any tricks you see streamers do, not involving throwing oranges to clip through walls, will also work on WiiU VC, given you're on the US version. Some tricks like swimming through walls are patched on PAL and JP.
As for the intro cutscene, all you need to do is turn on Story Skip in the settings in the main menu.


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So I do not know a lot of DK64 but I would recommend checking out any other peoples speedruns to see what they do. And Also I would say try to find some tutorials and different tricks/routes.