101% in 5h 56m 59s by

Happy to get my first 101% record! Didn't backflip this time!

Console (101%)
Wii U VC
5h 56m 59s
7 years ago
7 years ago
7 years ago
Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
1Training Grounds2m 35s 322ms2m 35s 322ms
2Enter Japes 12m 24s 565ms4m 59s 887ms
3Chimpy Charge5m 41s 248ms10m 41s 136ms
4Japes 1 Done3m 25s 649ms14m 06s 785ms
5Enter Aztec 12m 37s 774ms16m 44s 560ms
6Tiny4m 48s 019ms21m 32s 579ms
7Key 53m 13s 039ms24m 45s 619ms
8Beetle Race6m 23s 505ms31m 09s 124ms
9Lanky4m 18s 296ms35m 27s 420ms
10Aztec 1 Done6m 04s 391ms41m 31s 812ms
11Enter Factory2m 25s 588ms43m 57s 401ms
12DK Bongos4m 38s 896ms48m 36s 297ms
13Start Arcade3m 44s 054ms52m 20s 352ms
14Nintendo Coin5m 07s 241ms57m 27s 593ms
15Key 33m 28s 030ms1h 00m 55s 624ms
16Chunky's Gun4m 16s 749ms1h 05m 12s 373ms
17Batty Barrel Bandit4m 02s 901ms1h 09m 15s 274ms
18Slot Car Race5m 00s 042ms1h 14m 15s 317ms
19Power Shed8m 13s 269ms1h 22m 28s 586ms
20Factory Done6m 07s 808ms1h 28m 36s 394ms
21Enter Galleon
4m 33s 380ms1h 33m 09s 775ms
22Baboon Blast4m 13s 853ms1h 37m 23s 628ms
23Tiny Blueprints4m 53s 152ms1h 42m 16s 780ms
24Mechanical Fish3m 59s 900ms1h 46m 16s 681ms
25Pearls6m 31s 713ms1h 52m 48s 394ms
26Tiny 5DS
3m 38s 301ms1h 56m 26s 696ms
27Key 44m 53s 680ms2h 01m 20s 376ms
28Start Seal Race6m 34s 737ms2h 07m 55s 113ms
29Galleon Done5m 02s 241ms2h 12m 57s 354ms
30Enter Helm3m 18s 489ms2h 16m 15s 844ms
31Chunky Medal5m 51s 926ms2h 22m 07s 770ms
32Diddy Medal5m 25s 391ms2h 27m 33s 162ms
33Helm Done3m 28s 424ms2h 31m 01s 587ms
34Enter Castle3m 52s 987ms2h 34m 54s 574ms
35Rareware Coin7m 12s 764ms2h 42m 07s 339ms
36DK Crypt5m 07s 334ms2h 47m 14s 673ms
37Crypt Done
6m 25s 637ms2h 53m 40s 311ms
38Ballroom Done
8m 18s 376ms3h 01m 58s 687ms
39Key 76m 24s 972ms3h 08m 23s 660ms
40Teetering Turtle Trouble7m 08s 378ms3h 15m 32s 038ms
41Castle Done7m 48s 056ms3h 23m 20s 095ms
42Enter Caves4m 12s 531ms3h 27m 32s 626ms
43Beetle Race4m 19s 369ms3h 31m 51s 995ms
44Key 65m 38s 194ms3h 37m 30s 190ms
45Diddy 5DI4m 52s 634ms3h 42m 22s 824ms
46Lanky Cabin3m 38s 406ms3h 46m 01s 231ms
47DK 5DC4m 01s 826ms3h 50m 03s 057ms
48Tiny 5DC5m 22s 858ms3h 55m 25s 915ms
49Tiny 5DI3m 40s 044ms3h 59m 05s 960ms
50Caves Done3m 56s 699ms4h 03m 02s 659ms
51Enter Fungi5m 52s 935ms4h 08m 55s 595ms
52Start Spider Boss2m 47s 888ms4h 11m 43s 483ms
53Spider GB4m 26s 932ms4h 16m 10s 416ms
54DK Fairy5m 08s 642ms4h 21m 19s 058ms
55Teetering Turtle Trouble
4m 35s 004ms4h 25m 54s 063ms
56Chunky Puzzle
4m 50s 346ms4h 30m 44s 410ms
57Battle Crown4m 04s 863ms4h 34m 49s 273ms
58F A K E B E A N5m 39s 463ms4h 40m 28s 737ms
59Owl GB
5m 45s 155ms4h 46m 13s 893ms
60Fungi Done4m 24s 031ms4h 50m 37s 925ms
61Enter Aztec 21m 44s 276ms4h 52m 22s 201ms
62Busy Barrel Barrage5m 27s 593ms4h 57m 49s 795ms
63Enter Llama Temple3m 35s 454ms5h 01m 25s 249ms
64Llama Temple Done5m 55s 368ms5h 07m 20s 618ms
65Tiny 5DT4m 29s 744ms5h 11m 50s 362ms
66Aztec 2 Done3m 50s 586ms5h 15m 40s 949ms
67Enter Japes 21m 00s 221ms5h 16m 41s 171ms
68Diddy Minecart GB5m 09s 169ms5h 21m 50s 340ms
69Enter Shell5m 55s 246ms5h 27m 45s 587ms
70Speedy Swing Sortie4m 40s 643ms5h 32m 26s 230ms
71Enter Snide's3m 38s 369ms5h 36m 04s 600ms
72Japes 2 Done7m 16s 154ms5h 43m 20s 754ms
73Start K. Rool
1m 36s 792ms5h 44m 57s 547ms
74DK Phase2m 19s 655ms5h 47m 17s 202ms
75Diddy Phase1m 26s 027ms5h 48m 43s 230ms
76Lanky Phase2m 04s 001ms5h 50m 47s 231ms
77Tiny Phase4m 14s 478ms5h 55m 01s 710ms
78Backflip1m 58s 102ms5h 56m 59s 813ms
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